The 20 Care Preservation And Watering Of The House Of God

The 20 Care Preservation And Watering Of The House Of God

Looking for some ways by which you can preserve nature? Welcome to the article, and please read it till the end because I’ll mention the 20 care preservation and watering of the house of god tips

Earth is becoming a bad place to live in, but still, we can make it a good one by preserving it and following some simple tips.

I understand that you might not have time to put in extra effort for doing any activity, and that’s why I’ll only mention things that will require a little of your time and effort. Let’s start –

TopicThe 20 Care Preservation And Watering Of The House Of God
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  1. Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are a great gift from god. But they are non-renewable, which means we can’t use them unlimitedly. 

Besides, fossil fuels like coal, etc., have also become a source of pollution, and pollution isn’t good for even a single living being. So you should try not to waste fossil fuels. 

  1. Plant trees

Wherever you go outside in the summer, don’t you try to walk under the shed of a tree? Don’t you want to live in a place free of pollution? If you do, you should also plant trees and avoid cutting them. 

  1. Flush water

Do you know you can flush pee, etc., in much less water than you use? Yes..! You read it right; by practicing alternatives, you can easily flush without wasting 3-5+ liters of water

  1. Gifts

Always try to give disposable gifts like those made up of wood or clay, etc. 

  1. Books

Most people, especially in their student life, purchase books. And they go for purchasing new books, so if you’re also doing that, stop and think a little. Can’t you purchase a second-hand book or go to any library to lend it? If you do any of these, you’ll save paper, ultimately helping prevent deforestation. 

  1. Use gray water

You can also use the water that you’ve already used, but it’s not contaminated. For instance, you can use the water you’ve used for washing hands in washing your vehicles. 

  1. Say no to crackers

Often, people burn crackers on New Year, marriages, festivals, and other occasions. If you’re one of them, you must not use them as they really pollute our environment. 

  1. Transportation

Cities like New Delhi, Lahore, Dhaka, Gurugram, etc., have high air pollution, and one of the main reasons behind this is vehicles. Most people prefer to use their personal vehicles instead of using public transport.

So instead of that, you should use public transportation, and for short distances, you can also use cycles or walk to the place. 

  1. Reuse

Reuse is using anything more than once. It’s time, pocket, and environmentally friendly. So if you’re concerned about the environment and want to preserve it, start reusing. 

  1. Dishwasher

If you use the dishwasher for washing dishes, you should only use it after it gets full. 

  1. Garden

You can grow plants in pots on your terrace or in your backyard. So start doing this.

  1. Shower time

The more time people spend in the bathroom, the more water they use (as per a study). And that’s why if you also spend more time in the bathroom, think about your water usage. Use water in the amount you require only. 

  1. Donate

Interested in donating? Consider donating to a faith-based organization as they also work to preserve the environment. 

  1. Aware

Take part in government campaigns and spread awareness about preserving nature and natural resources. 

  1. Never waste energy

Turn off lights/fans and other electric machines whenever not in use. It’s not only wasting energy but also taking your money. 

  1. Grocery shopping

Do you know you’re constantly harming the environment because of shopping? The plastic polythenes you use to bring your groceries are a total waste. Instead of them, you can also bring your groceries in your own container and do many things like this. 

  1. Eco-friendly bulbs

Instead of using traditional bulbs, you can use LEDs, etc. 

  1.  Cleaning products

You can go for green cleaning products instead of those which are made up of toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals are neither good for you nor for the environment. 

  1. Laundry

It is advised to use cold water for washing clothes as it consumes less energy. Besides water, it is also suggested to dry clothes under sun rays by hanging them on a rope or something instead of using machines. 

  1. Eat leftovers

Food wastage is one of the top issues in the world. Wasting food is equal to wasting efforts + time + money + energy. So you should eat your leftovers instead of throwing them in dustbins. 

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Final Words 

So these are the 20 care preservation and watering of the house of god tips you can follow to preserve our environment and make it a better place. Good luck..!! 

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