Return of the mount hua sect raw

If you’re interested in the history and culture of ancient China, you can’t overlook the rise of the Mount Hua sect. This fiercely independent and often misunderstood faction quickly rose to prominence in the middle of the Warring States period – the turbulent period between the fall of the Zhou dynasty and the unification of China. Mount Hua had a unique blend of brutishness and culture that was unparalleled, and never quite reached again in the Chinese continent. This article delves into their unique rise to power and their intimate story of resilience. Get ready to journey back into a time where these distinctive people graced the greatest stage of Chinese history, in all of its raw and uncut glory.
The Rise of Mount Hua Sect: Raw and Uncut

The return of the Mount Hua Sect in its raw form is a journey into China’s martial past. This sect was originally founded by the Chinese mystic Zhao Kuangyin, who created it to train warriors and martial artists. Through the years the sect has remained steeped in Taoist secrets and martial lore.

Today, the Mount Hua Sect focuses mainly on health maintenance and traditional Chinese martial arts such as taiji, xingyi, and qigong. It offers many training opportunities, including weekly classes, retreats, and special events. A few of the main training components consist of:

  • Weapons forms and techniques
  • Joint conditioning, tendon strength, and striking training
  • Zen/Empty Mind Qigong meditation
  • Tactical stand up sparring
  • Ground fighting techniques

If you are interested in joining the sect, there are several avenues for you to explore. Many of the Return of Mount Hua Sect’s programs are available online, with a variety of courses and workshops designed for all levels. Additionally, the sect’s retreats are excellent opportunities for members to deepen their knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the sect’s ancient secrets.

For nearly 1000 years, the Mount Hua sect has been a major player in Chinese martial arts. This article has traced that history, giving a clear view of the growth and expansion of this influential organization. With a culture of hard work and dedication mixed with a love of competition, the Mount Hua sect will continue to be a major force in the coming years.

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