The sleep styler shark tank update

Have you ever seen something on Shark Tank that made you think, “I need to buy that now”? We’ve all seen products on the show that have made us think this—and one of the most well-known is The Sleep Styler. After the show aired in 2016, many people were left wondering—what happened after Shark Tank? Here’s the scoop on The Sleep Styler and its journey since gracing the small screen.
The Sleep Styler: What Happened After Shark Tank

  • In September 2017, The Sleep Styler entered Shark Tank with high hopes.
  • Developed by Kelly LOVE, the product is uniquely designed to dry and style hair overnight using heat-free foam rollers.

The Sleep Styler team received an offer of $200,000 from Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary. However, the entrepreneurs turned down the deal, stating that the value of the deal did not reflect the potential of the product.

Since then, Kelly has become a regular on the QVC and HSN shopping networks, earning over half a million dollars in sales and introducing her product to tens of thousands of people. Kelly further hopes that through her company, she can inspire other inventors to pursue their dreams. The Sleep Styler is now sold in many stores and online, and is gaining even more popularity due to its unique features.

The Sleep Styler is a revolutionary hair tool that could drastically streamline the lives of individuals with long hair who are looking for an easier way to style it. It’s been a wild ride from the time The Sleep Styler made its entrance on Shark Tank to its launch and subsequent success. The Sleep Styler has revolutionized the way many people view long hair and its styling. With the easy and efficient way the Sleep Styler functions, hair can be styled in a fraction of the time with beautiful results. It’s safe to say that The Sleep Styler is here to stay.

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