The Surprising Story Behind That Viral Video of a Toy Police Officer

Do you remember the video going around a while back of a toy police officer getting arrested? You probably laughed, maybe shared it on your social media–but did you ever wonder what happened afterwards? Well, we’ve got the surprising story behind that now-viral video and it may not be what you expect!
The Surprising Story Behind That Viral Video of a Toy Police Officer

The video popo viral patung is a very popular video circulating on the internet right now, and it’s completely taken the internet by storm. It all started when the video of an Indonesian couple’s proposal went viral. In the video, the man proposes to his girlfriend by bringing out a cardboard box with the shape of a police officer inside. What made the proposal unique was that the box was actually a popo patung, Indonesian for ‘Police Doll’, and it began to move and dance to the music.

At first just an amusing video, the clip soon exploded in popularity, with people around the world watching the video countless times, sharing the video on social media and eventually inspiring the original couple to create their own Youtube channel. The video has since been covered by numerous news outlets and spawned merchandise such as t-shirts. It’s no surprise that the video popo viral patung has really taken off and become a major hit.

  • The video went viral after the man proposed to his girlfriend with a popo patung
  • The video has been watched hundreds of millions of times
  • The couple has begun their own Youtube channel
  • The video spawned numerous pieces of merchandise

It’s always fascinating to investigate what’s behind a viral video. In this case, we discovered a beautiful story of a real police officer supporting a young cancer survivor’s dream of becoming a police officer—so much more heartwarming than what is seen on the surface. We hope you enjoyed this look into the touching story of a toy police officer and it’s real-life counterpart.

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