The Young, Fascinating Life of Alan Rickman”.

Take a journey into the life of one of the most fascinating actors of our time, Alan Rickman. An esteemed actor of stage and screen captivating audiences world-wide, Rickman’s fascinating life and career has spanned over three decades. From an unconventional start in the world of theater to a life-changing path in the movie industry, learn more about the man behind the art.
The Young, Fascinating Life of Alan Rickman
Although Alan Rickman is a renowned British actor today, he begun his acting career late in life. Here’s a look at Alan Rickman’s early life, and how he ended up finding his footing in the performance industry.

  • Early Life: Rickman was born in Acton, London on February 21st, 1946. He was the grandson of a house painter and son of a housewife, and the second of 4 siblings. Rickman had an interest in art and music when he was younger, but he did not pursue acting until he attended art school.
  • Acting Career:The actor’s career began when a family member spoke of his potential as an actor. Hence, Rickman enrolled in the Chelsea Art School, where he was taught by acting and directing. After graduating from the school, his career officially began with a role in a New York production of “The Greatest Love of All”. From there, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company for 7 years and the Royal National Theatre for two.

Rickman quickly rose to fame for his iconic roles in the Harry Potter movie franchise, Love Actually, and Die Hard. His impressive body of work, unique acting style and larger-than-life presence will ensure that his name lives on long after his death. Alan Rickman was a talented actor who left behind an impressive body of work, inspiring and challenging viewers a generation after his death. His life was full of new opportunities, exciting potential and a glimmer of the possibilities of life. He embraced each moment and lived it to the fullest—something we can all take with us and strive to do ourselves.

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