Top 10 Open Source Erp Software Free Licence 2023!

Top 10 Open Source Erp Software Free Licence

Are you planning to use ERP softwares to make your work easy? If so, this article is for you because it will help you in deciding the software you should use. Here I’ll provide the details of the Top 10 Open Source Erp Software Free Licence You can check these mentioned softwares to find the best one for you. Let’s start – 

Top 10 open-source ERP software

Everyone has different requirements. As per those, you should look for the software you use for your business. Following are the top ten ERP softwares that you can look for – 


It is best for small and medium businesses, which helps them in various ways. Its Italian name means “to achieve” or “satisfy.” It adds SCM and CRM features to its ERP to help customers with sales management, purchasing, inventory and accounting. 


It not only provides integration with third-party apps but also provides the chance to build your own dashboard. These dashboards are essential for inspecting the status of different projects. Other features of this software are – 

  • Suitable for inventory management.
  • Can be executed for warehouse management spread across different places.
  • Offers automatic syncing.
  • Employees’ attendance can be managed.
  • Helps in the efficient management of the hiring process. 
  • It is compatible with mobile devices, too and allows the users to follow potential leads. 

Cons – 

  • Needs a team of professionals to make changes in the software as per your demands. 

⏩ You can use the free version. And if you wish to purchase it, the price starts from Rs.890/month. 


It is software that aids in modern accounting solutions and helps users simplify the bookkeeping method. It is one of the best and most effective for the HR department because it also helps handle the employees.

Features of ERPNext 

  • Helps in inventory management. 
  • Makes production-related work easy.
  • Provides the option to send quotes to potential clients.
  • Provides an intuitive help desk.
  • Ensures that each project is submitted as decided. 
  • Helps in tracking timesheets. 
  • Best for asset management and can be integrated with third-party apps. 

Cons – 

  • The offline synchronization function takes time to set up. 

⏩ It offers a free trial. The price of the cloud version is Rs.2k. 


It comes with various modules for the proper functioning of any business. It has an accounting module with a double-entry ledger option. It integrates properly with the user’s inventory to monitor its status. 

Features of BlueSheer – 

  • Gives a production module.
  • Helps in the scanning of barcodes.
  • Provides access to detailed charts and reports, ultimately helping in analyzing things.
  • Has a transportation module that can help in tracking the delivery status.
  • Have an advanced sales module that helps in the shipping process. 
  • Makes use of the visibility flag if the user’s inventory is depleting. 

Cons – 

  • People need to have a desktop to use it. 

⏩ you can enjoy its services without paying any penny. 


It is one of the software that provides solutions for logistics, marketing and survey conduction. 

Features – 

  • Helps in ticket creation via email.
  • Helps in keeping check on the stock status of various products.
  • Can be used for creating email marketing campaigns and personalizing email templates.
  • Offers a POS interface which makes it one of the best software for small businesses.
  • Makes the file expense reports creation process easy. 


  • Makes the poll and survey creation process easy.
  • Effective for tracking shipments.

⏩ It offers two plans – basic and premium. The first one costs Rs. 792.27, whereas the latter one costs Rs.3696.59/month. 


It has all the features that make the management process easy within different departments of an organization.  

Features – 

  • Allows eCommerce businesses to customize their product pages.
  • Aids the hiring team in maintaining the records of the skills of applicants.  
  • Use an AI-powered accounting system.
  • Helps in making quality invoices.
  • Simplify the invoice-sharing process.
  • Produces detailed reports and charts that are used for analyzing data.
  • Helps in keeping track of time.
  • Also works offline.
  • Best suited for creating survey forms.


  • Beginners sometimes face difficulties in setting it up. 

⏩ The paid plan starts from Rs.555.36/month. One more thing, it offers a free trial of 15 days. The rest details regarding the pricing can be checked on its official website. 


It is a software that offers customization features so that users can modify it accordingly. It also gives training and webinars for newbies to make them familiar with the software. 

Features – 

  • Provides robust support.
  • Offers an intuitive dashboard.
  • Supports minimum typing 
  • The advanced auto-complete function is given. It can be used to find the exact data figures. 
  • The interface allows communication with teammates.
  • Can be used on any device. 
  • It can be operated using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Consists of an auto-save mode which means you don’t have to worry about unexpected data loss. 

⏩ Self-hosted version of this software is free of cost, whereas the cloud-hosted version is of Rs.2109.65/month. 

Apache OFBiz

It was highly scalable software developed using a Java framework. It can grow along with the growth of the user’s organization. 

Features – 

  • Provides various OOTB modules like CRM, warehousing, inventory, etc.
  • Can be used to manage orders for sales and purchases.
  • Can inspect warehouses across different areas with its help.
  • Gives advanced accounting features to produce invoices and other stuff.
  • Has an amazing catalogue management system. 
  • A content management tool is provided.

⏩ Free of cost. 


It can be used by any organization, irrespective of its size. It takes care of all accounting requirements and aids in maintaining the record of each transaction. 


  • Suitable for inventory management.
  • Allows the user to sort expenses
  • Have CRM capabilities.
  • Helps in creating recurring invoices 
  • Provides a supply chain module.
  • Can be integrated with third-party platforms. 
  • Helps in keeping the orders record. 

⏩ Free of charge

xTuple PostBooks

It can help the user in various things like handling processes and much more. 

Features –

  • Provides Intuitive dashboards.
  • Fasten up complicated business processes.
  • Future orders can be predicted.
  • Helps the user in protecting data. 
  • Generates well-defined reports.
  • Tracks customer habits. 

⏩ You can try this erp software for free for 90 days. After that, you’ll have to purchase its plans as per your budget and needs. 


So this is about the Top 10 Open Source Erp Software Free Licence Do proper research about the software you wish to buy and ensure it fulfils all your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the pros of an Open source ERP system?

    There are many; some of those are – low cost, highly scalable, customization feature, provides community support, etc. 

  2. What are the cons of an Open Source ERP System? 

    Some cons are – 
    Needs expert IT professionals 
    Lacks in proprietary engineering, etc. 

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