Sweet Regret by K Bromberg: What It Means

K Bromberg’s Sweet Regret is a story about how fate can change the course of lives. Through the two main characters, Dex and Sloane, readers are shown that circumstances can often be out of our control but that letting go of regret can bring peace and new possibilities.

Donna Summer: A Disco-Era Icon

Donna Summer was the queen of 1970s disco music. With a string of hits including “I Feel Love,” “Love to Love You Baby,” and “Last Dance,” she was a superstar who popularized the genre and influenced countless generations of artists.

How to Make an IDFwu Big Sean Type Beat

Are you looking to make a Big Sean type beat in the style of an IDFwu? Here’s how! Start by finding a four bar loop and layering it with synth chords of varying octaves. Use a drum loop that has a subtle swing. Then, add a strong 808 sample, accompanied by a simple four-note melody. Top it off with Big Sean’s signature ad-libs and you’ve got yourself an IDFwu beat!