Tori Spelling: A Look At Her Net Worth

Tori Spelling is a legendary American actress, television personality, author, and businesswoman. From the hit TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 to recently appearing on the seventh season of BH90210, Spelling has become an icon in the public eye. But what is the multi-talented star really worth? Read on to find out how Tori Spelling has grown her impressive net worth over the years.
Tori Spelling: A Look At Her Net Worth

Tori Spelling has had a successful career as an Actor, Producer and Author and has an estimated Net Worth of $5 million. She has made her money from television roles, production of movies and TV series and her work as an author. It is a testament to her hard work and determination.

Tori Spelling’s main source of income has been her film and television roles, such as Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210, which earned her $50,000 per episode. She also made money from the production of her television series, such as So Notorious and Mystery Girls. Tori Spelling has also written several books, such as Ice Capades, Seattle Treat and Nesting: It’s a Chick’s Thing, that have added to her financial success.

  • Television roles – $50,000 per episode
  • Production of television series and movies
  • Authorship of books

We’ve had a peek into Tori Spelling’s finances and it looks like the actress is doing pretty well for herself. With a net worth of $12 million, it’s clear that Tori’s hard work in the entertainment industry has paid off!

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