Tornado Warning: York, PA on High Alert!

Alerts have been going off in York, PA as residents of the area prepare for the worst in the wake of a tornado warning issued earlier today. Residents of the city are on high alert as they await further information regarding the potential danger that could be posed by the harsh weather conditions. Read on for more information on what to expect in the coming hours and what you should know about tornadoes and how to protect yourself.
Tornado Warning: York, PA on High Alert!

Stay Alert

Residents of York County, PA should be aware of the tornado warnings in the area today. Emergency services are on high alert as they monitor the development of a severe storm system coming in from the West. Wind speeds of up to 70 miles per hour are forecasted in certain areas, with the potential to cause extensive damage.

It is always important to be aware of tornado warnings and act accordingly. Procedures to follow in such cases include:

  • Seeking shelter in a safe place inside the home
  • Staying away from windows
  • Staying on the lower floors, if possible

Residents should also stay alert to the latest updates from their local Meteorological Department, and be prepared. Always follow the instructions you are given in the event of emergency, and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family, such as stocking up on important supplies, and ensuring that your cellphones are always charged.

Stay safe and remember, if you ever hear a tornado siren, take cover immediately! York County is on high alert due to the tornado warning, but with the right precautions, everyone can stay safe.

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