Train Derailment in Reeseville, Wisconsin

We’ve all seen news coverage of train derailments in other parts of the world, but a train derailment in Reeseville, Wisconsin took many people by surprise. On April 8th, a train derailed at a station in the small town, leading to a large disruption in train service and a few minor injuries. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the events surrounding the derailment, and what the town is doing to recover.
Train Derailment in Reeseville, Wisconsin
Today, Reeseville Wisconsin experienced a train derailment.

  • At around 11:00 AM, a Union Pacific freight train was traveling through Reeseville when one of its cars derailed.
  • The train had been carrying lumber, but thankfully no hazardous materials.

The derailed car caused disruptions in the rail operations near the area, and has delayed both freight and passenger trains in the Midwest through the day. Union Pacific crews were quickly dispatched to the scene and have been hard at work to clean up the damage.

  • Two of Union Pacific’s work teams have been completed sent to the derailment site to help clean up the lumber and assess the damage done to the rail.
  • The teams are also making sure that the track will be safe for travel before opening it back up for other trains.

It is unknown at this time when the tracks will be open again and when normal operations will resume. Updates will be provided as soon as further information becomes available.

For the residents of Reeseville, Wisconsin, the train derailment is a cause for concern. The incident is being thoroughly investigated and officials are taking steps to ensure that a similar situation does not occur in the future. As more information is revealed, the residents of Reeseville can rest assured that their safety is a priority.

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