Traveloka Tiket Kapal Laut (2022) How To Order?

Traveloka Tiket Kapal Laut

Pondering to travel somewhere by boat? Looking for some guide to traveloka tiket kapal laut? No worries as I’m here to guide you through the whole process of ordering ship tickets via the pelni website. Without wasting your precious time, let’s begin –

Nowadays, many people prefer to travel via plane but travelling via sea boats is still in demand. Do you also wanna travel via a boat? Yes? Read the guide –

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Article About How To Order?

How to order ship tickets on Pelni platform?

You have two ways to book ship tickets via pelni platform – by website and by app. 

Via Website –

  • Go to the official website of pelni. – it’s the link to the website. Just by clicking on it, you’ll be directed to the website. 

  • Fill in the port cities you want to travel from and to (departure city and destination port).
  • Enter the details of the date, month and year you wanna book the ship tickets for.
  • Choose the ship type and class.
  • Now, fill in the number of people you want to book tickets for.
  • It’s time to tap on the search shipping option.
  • Now, the website will show you all the available ship options with their price. 
  • Choose whichever suits you.
  • Fill in the ordering information.
  • Now, fill in the passengers data.
  • Flick on next and make payment.
  • After you do the payment, the website will send you the invoice. Just save this invoice as you’ll need it in exchange for a printed ticket at the place of departure.
  • That’s all. 

Via app –

  • Install the pelni app.
  • Open it and then select the boat ticket menu.
  • Move further by choosing the destination and departure port place.
  • Now, choose the ship and its class.
  • Make the payment and you’re done. 

Final Words

So this is all about traveloka tiket kapal laut. Booking tickets via pelni will save a lot of time; you don’t need to go to the port and book it. With this, the process is also very simple so you can go for booking your ticket via this platform.

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