Twitter’s Ban of Steven Crowder: What You Need to Know

In one of the most controversial moves of 2019, Twitter recently decided to suspend conservative YouTuber and political commentator Steven Crowder from their platform. While the long-term implications of this move are still unclear, it’s certainly generating a lot of buzz and discussion. This article will discuss the reasons behind Twitter’s ban of Steven Crowder and what it could mean for the platform and its users in the future.
Twitter's Ban of Steven Crowder: What You Need to Know

Steven Crowder is a controversial conservative American political commentator and comedian. As a digital influencer and well-known personality, he actively tweets opinions and bicker with the left from his verified Twitter account. After recently posting a tweet about masks and civil liberties evoking strong reactions and generating debates, Crowder is still actively tweeting about a plethora of other topics.

Crowder’s tweets tackle a variety of subjects, from political issues to pop culture. His followers have grown rapidly due to his bold and polarizing statements. His tweets feature sarcastic humor mixed in with personal and passionate political views. Although the summary of his Twitter may come off as negative, his active engagement with replies and direct messages proves otherwise. He often takes the time to explain his posts and discuss opposing views.

  • Followers: 3.9+ million
  • Tweets: More than 20,000
  • Location: Dallas, Texas

Now that you know the particulars of Twitter’s ban of Steven Crowder, it is important to remember the effect bans like this can have on the public’s perception of free speech. As an ever-evolving part of our lives, social media platforms should be mindful of the consequences of these actions and hopefully strive for healthy, respectful discourse.

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