Uncovering the Trump Fake Electors Plot

We’ve all heard of the rumors surrounding a potential ‘fake electors’ plot to subvert the results of the US election. But what are the details behind this alleged plot to sabotage the result? In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at what the ‘Trump Fake Electors Plot’ actually involves, and examine what might be behind it.

Recently, news outlets have reported on a potential plot by the Trump campaign to appoint “fake electors” and submit false vote counts to contest the projected electoral college results of the 2020 US Presidential Election. This plot was uncovered by a whistleblowing election official, prompting calls for an investigation.

The ‘fake electors’ plot was discovered after US President Donald Trump’s legal team unsuccessfully tried to get state courts across the US to intervene in the election. It reportedly involved contacting a few state legislatures and having them appoint other electors who would vote according to the president’s will. The scheme involved:

  • Findings sympathetic legislators: To secure the support of state legislatures in appointing ‘fake electors’, Trump’s legal team reportedly scouted for legislators who were sympathetic to Trump’s attempts to contest the election result.
  • Appoint ‘fake electors’: The plan was to get those sympathetic legislators to appoint ‘fake electors’ who would vote against state residents’ votes. The goal was to overturn the official US election result.
  • Prevent Congress from certifying electoral votes: With ‘fake electors’ loyal to Trump, the goal was to get the president’s chosen electors to cast their votes and potentially prevent Congress from certifying the final electoral votes.

It is important to note that the plot was ultimately unsuccessful – and no ‘fake electors’ were appointed. However, the whistleblowing official’s report still sparked a wave of outrage across the US and calls to investigate the Trump team for its attempt to subvert the US election process.

This Trump Fake Electors Plot certainly shook up the 2020 US presidential election. It brought to light the deep mistrust that some now have for the US electoral system, and hopefully, it will cause the government to enact changes and strengthen the security of their voting methods. This story is a reminder that the security of our civil and democratic rights must always remain a priority if we want to uphold a fair and unaltered voting system in future elections.

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