Uncovering Your Anger Profile with the Multidimensional Anger Test

Are you feeling ticked off more often than usual, but don’t understand why? It might be that you are angry about something and don’t realize it. Uncovering your anger profile can be done by taking the Multidimensional Anger Test. This test is designed to give insights into any underlying anger by analyzing your feelings, beliefs, and behaviour patterns. Keep reading to find out how this anger test can help you understand and manage your anger.
Uncovering Your Anger Profile with the Multidimensional Anger Test

The multidimensional anger test is an assessment to measure the level and types of anger an individual is feeling. The test will ask questions regarding different types of anger and participants will rate the intensity of each type. The results of the test are used by psychologists to better understand the root of an individual’s anger.

The test consists of several scales in order to measure different aspects of anger. These are:

  • Anger-in, which is anger that is turned inward
  • Anger-out, which is anger that is directed outward
  • Anger control, which measures impulse control associated with anger
  • Anger expression, which measures the intensity of anger an individual expresses
  • Irritability, which measures the short temper and frustration associated with anger

The multidimensional anger test is a useful tool for psychologists to understand and diagnose many anger-related issues. It is often employed in cases of anger management.

A complete understanding of your anger profile provides an important step in recognizing potential sources of your emotions, as well as identifying strategies to help manage your anger. Taking the Multidimensional Anger Test may help you explore these potential sources and move forward towards a better sense of control and understanding.

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