Understanding the 16 Personality Types

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t quite fit in or that you don’t quite understand other people’s reactions? You’re not alone! Everyone has their own unique set of personality traits and characteristics, which makes us all unique. Understanding the 16 Personality Types can help us understand how our individual traits interact and how to best navigate our day-to-day interactions. In this article, we will explore the 16 Personality Types, examining their characteristics and how they can help us understand ourselves and others.
Understanding the 16 Personality Types
Personality Types

We can all identify personality traits easily in ourselves and in others. But did you know that there are 16 distinct personality types that can reveal our preferences and characteristics? These personalities are known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and are broadly grouped as follows:

  • Introverted or extraverted
  • Sensing or intuitive
  • Thinking or feeling
  • Judging or perceiving

These four preferences correspond to different categories or letters. If a person is extroverted, they are labelled with an “E”; if they are intuiting, they are labelled with an “N”. When all four categories are combined, each person will have a unique four-letter label possibly something like ESFP or INTJ. For every personality type, there is an accompanying description of what that label indicates.

These descriptions are based on Carl Jung’s theories, and help explain things like our personal values, our interactions, our responses to stress, and our ability to handle uncertainty and complexity. Knowing someone’s MBTI can help us gain better understanding of ourselves and of other people, and can be very useful in our relationships, in the workplace and even in our studies.

No matter which of the tried and true personality types best fits you, understanding the nuances of each one can help refine and inform how you relate to others. This article has hopefully shed some light on the various personality types, allowing you to go out and learn more about them until you find the right one to describe you. Happy exploring!

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