{Breaking News} University Idaho Murders Reddit, Autopsy, Update 2022!

University Idaho Murders Reddit

University Idaho Murders Reddit: The tragic deaths of four friends in Idaho prompted police to intervene. The investigation is still ongoing to find the real culprit, but no records show victims have done anything wrong.

Four university students from Idaho were found dead in a home near the university campus. The authorities are also looking to find the incident’s main motive and culprit.

The news of Idaho murders has been a hot topic on social media, and people are looking for further details. The Idaho Murders’ Reddit (r/moscowmurders) has information based on the investigation.

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Who are the 4 university students?

The 4 students were studying at the Jack Showalter University of Idaho and living near the campus. The three ladies were Madison, Kaylee, and Xana, who shared the same house and were friends.

The boy Ethan was not their roommate, but he was dating Xana and was having a good time with her and their friends. They did not know that something suspicious was coming towards them, and there was no proof of forceful entry, which indicates it was someone known.

But in any case, the four innocent students have lost their lives, and the criminal is still moving freely. 

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What happened to the students?

Four University students were stabbed to death in their house near the campus. According to the coroner, the crime scene was very traumatic as some big sharp knives were stabbed at the students repeatedly to kill them. Police are also investigating, but there is no evidence or suspects in their dreadful murder mystery.

Certain factors, like property or love, point to the reason for such a scenario, but nothing is clear. Moscow police have shared all the required information with the police, and people can find it on social media platforms. There might be some confidential information that is not yet clear, and police are investigating the same.

It is believed that there is some connection between victims and killers, but nothing can be confirmed. Nothing was stolen from the home, nor is there any proof near the bodies.

What is autopsy indicating?

The autopsies of all four students were performed in Washington state, after which the bodies were handed to their families.

It was very hard for their family and even their friends to accept that they had been killed and that there were no suspects until now.

The autopsy report shows that they were killed after 2 A.M, and a sharp weapon was used to stab them. There were multiple wounds on their body. But the complete and details autopsy is not yet obtained.


The tragic deaths of these four students shocked the entire city. Students are afraid because they have no idea what will happen to them.

The police and investigators are working very hard to find every bit of information and find the real criminals. The whole community is feared, but according to police, these students were targeted.

So, one must be careful instead of getting frightened and police and doing their work to find the real culprits.

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