University Of Idaho Homicide: Who Was The 4 Students Killed!

University Of Idaho Homicide

You must have heard about the University of Idaho homicide. But do you know there are two surviving roommates without any injury? You might not know, and just like this, you might not know much more about the homicide. Do you want to learn everything there is to know about it? Below is your thing – 

Four students of the University of Idaho were stabbed to death in the home. They were stabbed multiple times, and according to police, they were likely asleep before being stabbed. 

But their other two roommates are not even minorly injured. 

Who were the four victims of the University of Idaho homicide incident?

Ethan ChapinHe was 20 years old and a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.  
Xana Kernodle (marketing junior)She was 20 years old and a part of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. 
Madison Mogen (senior Marketing major)Twenty-one years old and a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. 
Kaylee Goncalves (senior major in general studies)Twenty-one years old and a member of the Alpha Phi sorority. 

All these students’ bodies were found on their houses’ second and third floors. 

The families of all these four students are n great misery and urging the police to find the criminal. The Father of Xana Kardole even divulged her struggle with the murder. 

How was the crime scene? 

Cathy Mabbutt said that a lot of blood was on the wall. She also said that the bodies were stabbed multiple times and most probably from the same weapon. 

Stabs on the hands of one victim were also found, which appears to be a defensive injury. 

According to autopsy reports, there were no signs of rape. 

What do the police say about the incident? 

On Friday, police informed them that some of the victims had defensive wounds. 

They say that they can’t say there is no threat to the community because the criminal is still not arrested. They asked people to stay cautious and report any suspicious activity. 

Investigation of the killings –

Investigators have interviewed around 38 individuals who may have details about the murder. 

They also checked three nearby dumpsters to find any evidence. 

One store manager said that police are visiting them to ask whether they have sold a “rambo” style knife to someone. But later on, Aaron Snell clarified to the media that they weren’t only looking for Ka-bar knives. They were investigating the stores to see whether any fixed blade knife was recently sold. 

But still, there are no suspects, and the weapon is also not found. 

Not only this, but investigators on Friday also released a map and timeline of the victim’s movements. As per the map, all of them spent most of their night in pairs. 

Police are speaking with the surviving roommates who lived with the victims but were found uninjured. 

Snell said in an interview that these two surviving roommates could be potential victims and witnesses, and they even can be the key to this whole murder. 

How did University react to the murders?

The university of virginia homicide announced a candlelight vigil on the 30th of November. They asked the students to help them light up the University again and hold a moment of silence in memory of all four students. 

Many students went home because they were afraid. Others are leaving as fast as they can. 

Final Words 

This is about the University of Idaho homicide. May all four students rest in peace. And to all living people, I would highly suggest you stay cautious and learn some self-defense techniques because you can also be someone’s target. 

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