Unpacking the Cargo: A Look Inside Fortnite’s Boats

Do you ever wonder what’s inside the mysterious cargo boats that are ever-present on Fortnite’s waterways? Well, look no further! We’re here to give you an inside look at what these boats have been carrying all this time. Let’s unpack the cargo and find out!
Unpacking the Cargo: A Look Inside Fortnite's Boats

Unstoppable Boats

In Fortnite, these boats bring cargo to whoever requests it. The boats, once they receive coordinates, will make the requested delivery without fail, no matter the distance or environment. It’s quite surprising how durable and long-lasting these boats can be. Oftentimes they maneuver their way through a river, a swamp, a shoreline and so on, without any issue whatsoever.

These boats come in two different sizes, large and small. Someone who needs a fast and efficient delivery will choose the large one because they can carry up to four stacks of resources. The smaller boats are better suited for carrying one to two stacks of resources and require less fuel to use. Both are equipped with several features to make the delivery successful, such as:

  • Advanced steering
  • Anchor for tides
  • Robust engine
  • Durable materials

No matter the mission at hand, Fortnite’s cargo boats are reliable and ready for the job, and will ensure any supplies reach its destination safe and sound.

Whether you are a Fortnite fan or just curious to learn more about the popular battle royale game, taking a deeper look into the boats and their cargo can help you gain a better understanding of what lies beneath the surface. Knowing the details of Fortnite’s boats and the various items contained within them can give you the insight you need to develop your own unique strategies for success. Get ready to set sail and explore the boats of Fortnite.

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