Verity Bonus Chapter Read Online (2022) PDF, Summary & Twitter!

Verity Bonus Chapter Read Online

Verity Bonus Chapter Read Online: Romantic thriller novels are the first choice of many, including me. Are you hunting for such a novel? If so, I’ve one for you that may interest you.

It is one of the New York Times bestseller list. Any guesses? It’s Verity by Colleen Hoover. When anyone reads it, they are just left in a plot twist, reeling for days, wondering about what the truth will be.

Are you here to get the details of the Verity bonus chapter read online pdf? If so, this article is specially written for you. I’m gonna give you spoilers about the bonus chapter, which will give you a clear idea of what you will get in that. 

Some things about the Verity by Colleen Hoover. 

It was self-published in 2018, but now, it’s re-released. The re-released one also contains a bonus chapter that is attracting more audience. Fans of the novel expect this bonus chapter to give them some closure on the previous ending. 

The biggest thing going through the minds of readers at the end of the novel is whether the content of the manuscript, the protagonist, finds is legit or not. Some manipulation is done, which blurs the facts in the story. This manipulation makes it difficult to find what the reality is. 

But the good thing about the bonus chapter is that it indicates that the letter must be true. If you are this interested to know the truth, you should go for reading the “verity bonus chapter read online.” This will interest you a lot.

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How can you get the Verity bonus chapter pdf? 

Wanna get “verity bonus chapter pdf“? It’s easy peasy- 

  • Move to google and search for “verity bonus chapter pdf” or “verity bonus chapter read online.” 
  • Find the website that provides the verity bonus chapter pdf. (You may face difficulties in finding the pdf because only a few websites were providing it, and now, they have also been taken down. Till this time, the pdf is available on no websites. But you can try because there are chances that you will get the pdf when you search). 

What is Verity about? 

It’s about a struggling writer, Lowen Ashleigh. He is given the chance of a lifetime – to complete a series by a bestselling author. He got injured in a car accident and is unable to write further, and that’s why Lowen is given a chance to complete it. 

Lowen goes to Verity’s home to sort her notes and drafts. While sorting this stuff, Lowen finds a manuscript for Verity’s autobiography. This manuscript is kind of disturbing because Verity divulges that she had killed one of her daughters. 

After reading this, Lowen decides to reveal this truth to Jeremy. After she shows this manuscript to Jeremy, he confronts Verity and attacks her. Months later, after killing Verity, Lowen finds a letter left by her in which she explains that the manuscript was just a writing exercise. 

After reading all these things, the audience is just left to wonder what the truth is. 

What’s in the bonus chapter? 

Many people evaluated the novel properly and concluded that the letter was true. Verity’s explanation makes sense.

She did this writing exercise to hone her skills to write from a villain’s perspective. After her kid died, she continued doing this writing exercise to make it easy to escape reality.  

Within the manuscript, Verity mentioned a detailed scene of how she killed one of her twin daughters. But in the letter, she narrated the truth about not killing her daughter.

The biggest revelation in the letter is that Jeremy had found the manuscript before Lowen showed it to him. He also tried to murder Verity and portrayed it as an accident.

Although there is nothing mentioned about Jeremy’s flaws in the manuscript but, as per Lowen’s statement, he was gone for a short period of time after handing the manuscript to Jeremy.

He didn’t leave for so long that Jeremy could read the whole thing. Another thing is that instead of calling the police, Jeremy directly confronted Verity and jumped straight to kill her. 

It makes sense that Jeremy was just trying to cover up his previous attempt to murder. The bonus chapter confirmed this theory and showed that Jeremy was much more capable of doing a murder. 

Many readers may also wonder why Verity would fake her illness. The predicted reason is – it is divulged that Jeremy tried to kill her, so there are chances that Verity was terrified of him.

In the letter too, Verity said that when he caught her eyes open in the hospital, he was angry and ready to kill her. So, in that case, faking an unresponsive condition was the only option for her. 

Why did she continue to fake her condition? Well, there are two main things behind this. First, she needed time to destroy the manuscript that Jeremy could use against her.

And the second is money issues; money was needed to run away from there and take Crew with her. She was waiting for the right time to flee. 


I’ve given you spoilers about the bonus chapter. But reading the whole chapter may interest you more, so you can go for reading the “verity bonus chapter read online.” In case of any doubts or questions, you can use the comment section to ask. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is verity Crawford innocent?

    Well, I don’t know in which sense you are asking this question. But she didn’t kill her daughter and was faking her illness. 

  2. Is there an extra chapter to Verity?

    Yes, in the re-released part, one bonus chapter is added, which will help you find some of your questions answers. 

  3. Can a 13-year-old read verity?

    Well, the novel is only recommended for 18+ readers. 

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