Videotron Class Action Lawsuit

Videotron is facing a major legal setback this week as a class action lawsuit has been launched against the prominent Quebec-based telecommunications provider. If successful, the lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for the company and potentially set a legal precedent for future disputes. Read on to learn more about this unfolding legal drama.
Videotron Faces Class Action Lawsuit

If you have been affected by Videotron’s decision to forego installation of new cable lines in your apartment building, you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit has been brought forth by a Montreal law firm, Ancoura, which is representing a large class of potential claimants.

The class action lawsuit is seeking restoration of cable service, reimbursement of the costs of an alternative service provider, and a declaration that Videotron acted unlawfully and must pay punitive and compensatory damages.

  • Eligible Class Members: The class includes all Québec residents who were customers or potential customers of Videotron and who were affected by Videotron’s decision not to install new cable lines in their apartment building.
  • Claim Submission Deadline: The deadline for claiming compensation is May 1, 2021.

If you believe that you are part of this class, you can join the lawsuit by visiting Ancoura’s website and filling out the form. Ancoura will assess your eligibility to join the class action lawsuit and provide further information about the lawsuit and the process ahead.

It looks like Videotron will not be out of the woods anytime soon with this class-action lawsuit. As the legal proceedings continue, hopefully this will be resolved in an amicable, fair manner. In the meantime, Videotron’s customers will be waiting to see how this plays out in a courtroom.

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