Watch: The Kerala Story Full Movie

Are you looking for something unique to watch over the weekend? Look no further! Introducing “The Kerala Story” – a full-length movie that gives a captivating view into the culture, people and landscapes of the Indian state of Kerala. From stunning visuals to a captivating soundtrack, this movie has something for everyone. Dive into the Kerala culture by watching the full movie here!

Kerala Story is an Indian short film released in 2019. Directed by debut director Aneesh Sivan, the movie tells a heart-wrenching tale of a middle-class family in Kerala facing tough times. It deals with themes of financial hardship and dreams of a rosier future.

The movie is told through the perspective of its lead character, Gopikuttan, who dreams of becoming an engineer. He struggles with financial constraints as his father works as a mason, and it is up to him to support his family. Gopikuttan works odd jobs to earn money, while at the same time stays involved in activities such as cricket, playing with his friends, and attending the temple.

  • Box Office: Kerala Story released to universal critical acclaim and grossed over 6 crore at the box office.
  • Awards: The movie won numerous awards, including the National Award for Best Film.
    • All in all, Watch: The Kerala Story Full Movie is a masterpiece that deserves the highest praise. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for an emotionally engaging and visually stunning experience. Take some time to watch it this weekend and you won’t regret it!
      Watch: The Kerala Story Full Movie

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