Is oshi no ko chapter 123 leaks?

Are you interested in finding out what happened in the latest chapter of ‘Oshi no Ko’? If so, the new Chapter 123 is sure to please! Get ready to hear all the details of the latest installment as we explore the events and characters of Oshi no Ko.
What Happened in Oshi no Ko Chapter 123?
Summary of Oshi No Ko Chapter 123

The new chapter of Oshi No Ko starts off with a mysterious figure emerging over the distant horizon, and the protagonist, Kuso, watches with a fascinated expression. He soon finds out that the figure is a member of the Akagarian Clan, a rival clan to his own Kuso Clan. The person turns out to be no other than Sora, who has come to right a wrong! After a brief discussion, Kuso offers a peace treaty with the Akagarian Clan to settle the feud once and for all.

Unfortunately, the discussions are interrupted when two powerful warriors from the Akagarian Clan, Darthon and Ginrai, make an unexpected appearance. They have come for revenge and want to test Kuso’s strength in battle. Although Kuso is more than ready to fight, Sora steps in and orders them to stand down, vowing to protect Kuso with her own life. With Sora’s influence, the two warriors eventually back off, allowing the peace treaty to be signed.

Discussion on Reddit

Fans of Oshi No Ko have been eagerly discussing the latest chapter, Chapter 123, on Reddit. Most viewers find the developments in the story exciting and appreciate that the peace treaty was reached without resorting to violence. Additionally, fans love Sora’s courage and loyalty in standing up against Darthon and Ginrai and protecting Kuso with her own life.

Many people are also curious to see how Kuso’s and Sora’s relationship will progress, as it appears there might be a romantic subplot hinted at. Other speculations on Reddit include predictions on what challenges await Kuso in future chapters and the development of his new bond with Sora.

It’s clear from chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko that the story is heading in an unpredictable and intriguing direction. We have to wait until the next chapter to find out what will happen to our protagonists next. Only then can we see where the story will take us all!

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