What Happened When Roxanne Wore the Wrong Jersey?!

We’ve all been there: You have a hiccup of a fashion moment, wear the wrong thing, or just have an off day with your wardrobe. Unfortunately, for Roxanne, her wardrobe blunder had serious consequences! Read on to find out what happened when Roxanne wore the wrong jersey!
What Happened When Roxanne Wore the Wrong Jersey?!

It’s normal to make minor mistakes, but when it comes to jersey, nothing lessenown the dramatic element. Roxanne Steele found herself in a puzzling situation when she was spotted wearing a wrong pucking jersey.

The social media handles since then are abuzz with comments and pictures of Roxanne’s blunder as people are widely debating the blunder on the pages. So what exactly happened?

Roxanne wore blue Thunderbirds jerseys to the hockey game instead of wearing a purple and green one which was appropriate for the occasion. Although she hasn’t officially commented on the matter but here are few possible reasons behind this blunder:

  • Roxanne might have forgotten the crucial detail.
  • Roxanne might have picked the wrong jersey accidentally.
  • Roxanne wanted the show the support to Thunderbirds.

The public reactions have been diverse, some sympathizing and some content with meme-making opportunities. One thing is certain that such an error leaves a long-lasting impression so it is advisable to be extra careful with such details if you don’t want to become an online joke. It is still unclear whether the Thunderbirds jersey was meant to be a tribute or a mistake.

Well, that’s certainly what happened when Roxanne chose the wrong jersey! All-in-all, it was an embarrassing experience for her, but it was certainly an entertaining one for everyone else who was there! Anything could happen when it comes to sports, and this is just another example of how unexpected events can take place on any given day!

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