What Is Insurance Liteourites (2023) Why It Is So Important?

What Is Insurance Liteourites

Our elders used to collect money from each person and kept it as a community resource that could be used whenever required. But those days are gone; insurance policies are introduced nowadays. Although they work similarly but are a better version of the past methods. Interested to know how and why? If yes, then read the article further because I’ll explain the topic – what is insurance liteourites? Let’s start – 

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What Is Insurance Liteourites? 

It is an agreement governed by some conditions which will help the holder in difficult times by assisting them financially. You can consider it a risk management thing that protects people from financial losses

The holder pays a monthly/annual charge to the insurer for a period of time. In exchange, the insurer covers the financial losses of the person. 

Before moving to the topic further, lemme explain some terms that people got confused in –

Premium is a term used to express the policy cost (the monthly/annual fees policyholder pays to the company). 

Policy Limit in Insurance – it is the maximum amount of money an insurer can give when you claim the insurance. 

Deductible in Insurance – the money the holder needs to pay out of pocket before the company gives the claim. 

Types of Insurance policies

There are several types of insurance available in the market; The main of those are – 

General Insurance

It is the type of insurance that assists in the form of a sum assured against the losses experienced except the death of the policyholder. It mainly covers the losses faced due to liabilities like bikes, cars, etc. 

It is further divided into – health, motor, home, fire, and travel insurance

Health insurance

It covers the losses experienced because of medical care. It either pays or reimburses the money paid for the treatment of the injury/illness. It normally includes – 

  • Hospitalization, treatment of serious illnesses, daycare processes, and medical bills post-hospitalization

Although, some health insurance policies cover the amount of resident treatment too. 

Motor Insurance

It covers the cost of losses caused due to vehicles like bikes or cars. There are different types of motor insurance which include car insurance, bike insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance

Home Insurance 

This type of policy pays financial assistance against physical destruction or damage to your house. It will help against things like fire, robbery, earthquake, etc. 

The main types of home insurance policies are – 

  • Home structure/building insurance, public liability coverage, fire insurance, burglary and theft insurance, tenant’s insurance, etc. 

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance covers the financial losses incurred due to fire. It covers the replacements, repair, and sometimes the construction of your property as well. Some fire insurance policies also cover the damages caused to third-party due to the fire. 

Travel Insurance

It covers the financial losses suffered during travelling to India and even abroad. It covers many situations like loss of baggage, flight cancellations, loss of passport, medical emergencies, etc. 

Life Insurance

It offers financial assistance in unfortunate situations like death, disability, etc. Besides helping financially, many policies also help the holder to increase their savings via regular investment into equity and other things. 

People purchase these policies to protect their families from the uncertainties of life. 

⏩ You can decide the policy period, coverage amount, and payout option. 

Now, let’s discuss the types of life insurance available – 

  • Term life insurance, whole life insurance, endowment plans, unit-linked insurance plan, child plan and pension plans. 

These are the main types of insurance available. 

Advantages of having an insurance policy 

Some of the main advantages are – 

Financial help

There is no guarantee about anything in this world. People encounter accidents and then suffer considerable losses in various ways, financially, emotionally, and mentally. In many cases, financial losses are difficult to cope with. That’s where insurance steps in. 

In situations like business loss due to any accident, car accident, fire accident, etc., The insurance policy helps in getting financial assistance. 

⏩ The insurance policy only helps the policyholders. Besides, it is essential to meet all the conditions mentioned in the policy to get the benefit. 

Risk Distribution

The risk from unnatural or accidental things can’t be eliminated but can be decreased. If you’ve suffered from any such situation where you’ve suffered financial loss, you can take help from the insurer. They might not cover your total loss, but they will surely help. 


Insurance policies provide security to people that they can sustain even if they encounter any financial loss. 

Encourage the saving habit

The policyholder needs to provide a specific amount for the decided period of time. And this encourages the habit of saving among individuals. 

Promote trades

Many businesses were afraid of being involved in international trade due to fear of loss. But nowadays, the insurer helps the holder in trading. Insurance companies are ready to bear these risks and compensate for losses. So it has become easier for businesses to get involved in foreign trading than before. 

Disadvantages of Insurance

Insurance policies are not flawless; they too have some disadvantages. Some of those are – 

Terms and conditions

They don’t cover every type of loss; they only cover limited situations and losses. They have their terms and conditions and will only assist you financially according to those terms. 

Time-consuming formalities

Most insurance policies have a lengthy legal procedure for providing financial assistance. They won’t help you just after you ask them. It will take some time. Besides, all the necessary documents will be needed. Without those, the insurer won’t assist. 

Fraud insurer

There are many frauds available in the market. Some people have also become victims of these frauds. So if you also become a victim of those, the loss will be yours. 

Can be costly

The amount you have to pay depends on the policy you’ve purchased. But still, insurance policies are considered costly. 

End Note

I hope you have understood What Is Insurance Liteourites. Insurance has its pros and cons. But people only talk about their benefits. So there are also some disadvantages. I’ve talked about some of them, but if you are considering buying an insurance policy, you must dig into the topic. 

Note = terms and conditions and coverage of all the insurance policies are different. So make sure to have a look at those before purchasing one. 

One more thing, many of you’re searching for what is insurance liteourites and consider that both are directly related. But let me clarify, liteourites is a website that has discussed what insurance is. Insurance isn’t connected to it directly. So don’t get confused. 

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