What is the ‘Light the Beam’ Meme? A Breakdown

Have you ever seen a picture of two people standing side by side with ‘Light the Beam’ written across the top? Ever wondered what it means? ‘Light the Beam’ has become a popular meme in recent times, so if you’re curious about what is behind this meme, then this article is for you. Read on for a breakdown of what the ‘Light the Beam’ meme is all about.
What is the 'Light the Beam' Meme? A Breakdown

If you’ve been on the internet in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen the “light the beam” meme. This meme features a character known as “the beam” (often a space shuttle astronaut) activating a switch, which then activates a powerful beam of light that is used to solve a problem or move an object.

The meme likely originated in 2017 based off of a scene in the anime show “Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.” In the show, the beam character is Mikazuki Augus, a teenager who saves the day by using a “Laser Blade” to light a powerful laser beam. Many other characters in the show use light beams to solve problems and vanquish their enemies. Social media users took the concept of the scene and created the “light the beam” meme with various characters.

  • Popular Versions: Some of the most popular versions of the meme feature Adam Driver as Star Wars villain Kylo Ren from the movie “The Last Jedi.”
  • Creator: The first known “light the beam” meme was created by Twitter user @lordstorni.

Well, there you have it – a crash course in the ‘Light the Beam’ meme. It may seem strange, but this meme speaks to a widespread anxiety, and is certainly worth analyzing and unpacking if we want to understand its popularity. For now, keep an eye out for that light beam and take a break – you deserve it.

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