What the Waxing Gibbous Emoji Really Means

Have you ever seen the waxing gibbous emoji and thought to yourself, “What does that emoji mean?” It turns out, it’s actually got a really interesting meaning behind it that you might not have even realized! In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what the waxing gibbous emoji really means in order to help you better interpret and understand it in conversations.
What the Waxing Gibbous Emoji Really Means

The waxing gibbous emoji illustrates the phase of the moon that is on the rise and brightening – before the full moon.

The waxing gibbous is the second phase of the eight phases of the moon and is seen as the moon increases in size and surface illuminated. It appears between the first quarter phase and the full moon phase and its shown by a yellow emoji with a half moon and a yellow face looking to the right, mouth open in a laughing expression. It’s considered the halfway point between the stars and gets its name from the Latin word “gibbus”, which means hump or protuberance.

  • The waxing gibbous phase begins 7 days after the new moon.
  • Each gibbous phase lasts for about 7.4 days.
  • On average, 4 days pass between each gibbous phase.

As you can see, the waxing gibbous emoji is a fantastic way to express yourself! Whether you want to express growing enthusiasm or just have some fun with your friends, this emoji is sure to let them know exactly how you feel. Now you know what the waxing gibbous emoji really means – happy messaging!

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