Which Captain Lifted the Diamond Amazon Quiz?

The Diamond Amazon Quiz is one that has created quite a buzz lately and left many wondering, who was the captain that lifted it? The answer to this question may surprise you, so read on to find out who the lucky captain was and learn more about this incredible quiz!
Which Captain Lifted the Diamond Amazon Quiz?
Captain Levi from Attack on Titan

The Diamond Amazon Quiz was first seen in the popular anime series Attack On Titan, where it was lifted by the heroine, Captain Levi. The Quiz was featured in the 35th episode of the series where the whole squad of the 104th training corps faced a dilemma and needed the power of the Quiz to ultimately win the day and save the world.

Captain Levi is one of the central characters of the show and is presented as a master tactician and a highly skilled warrior. His mastery of the Quiz was evident in the way he was able to use it skillfully enough to unlock and unlock its potentials. The Quiz, when deployed correctly and with the right timing, gave Captain Levi an immense amount of power that allowed him to single-handedly fight against hordes of enemies, successfully outwit them and ultimately win the day.

In addition to its capabilities in battle, Captain Levi also utilized the Quiz to build and maintain relationships with his comrades and allies, showing that it was not just a tool for combat, but also a way to bring people together and fortify bonds. With the Quiz, Captain Levi became one of the most revered and feared heroes in the entire fantasy world and its powers are still remembered to this day. So, that’s it folks! After a lot of guesswork and small scraps of evidence, we’ve eventually discovered the answer to the question of which captain lifted the Diamond Amazon Quiz. We hope this article has been helpful to you in this search. Until next time, Happy Quiz-ing!

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