Who Is Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend? A Look at Her Instagram

It’s no secret that Keke Palmer has had us all enthralled for years with her amazing talent, showstopping performances, and captivating beauty. But, there’s one matter we’re all especially curious about – who is the lucky guy that has won the undeniably gorgeous actress’s heart? It’s time to dig in and find out who Keke Palmer’s boyfriend is, and of course, get a glimpse of her courtship bliss through her Instagram.
Who Is Keke Palmer's Boyfriend? A Look at Her Instagram

  • Keke Palmer has yet to reveal her boyfriend on Instagram

Keke Palmer, 26, is one of the most popular and established stars of this day and age, having started her acting and singing career in the public eye at the age of nine. However, the one thing about the star’s life that remains under wraps is who she is currently dating. While a few celebrity magazines have claimed to have gotten the scoop on her personal life, Palmer has yet to reveal her boyfriend on Instagram.

Fortunately, Gossip Cop was quick to dispel the claims that the actor was dating singer-songwriter Elijah Kelley. A few other entertainment sources rumored that Palmer was seeing Canadian rapper Drake but these rumors have never been confirmed. To date, Keke Palmer does not follow anyone on Instagram that could be linked to being her boyfriend. She has been vocal about being independent and focusing on her career and so it’s likely that her boyfriend likely won’t be revealed until the star is good and ready.

All in all, it’s clear that Keke Palmer is well known in the entertainment industry, but her personal life tends to remain a bit of a mystery — and that’s just the way she likes it! But what we do know for sure is that anyone who’s lucky enough to be picked by Keke must be pretty special.

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