Who Is Sean Strickland’s Girlfriend?

Everyone loves a good love story, and the story of Sean Strickland has all of us wondering- who is Sean Strickland’s girlfriend? Some have speculated his social media posts, while others have dug up clues in his past, but no one has been able to determine the real answer. In this article, we’ll do our best to uncover the mystery of Sean Strickland’s girlfriend- get ready!
Who Is Sean Strickland's Girlfriend?

Sean Strickland is a professional mixed martial artist, known for his left-handed fighting style. As a successful fighter, Strickland is often in the public eye and has made a few notable appearances. One big question on many minds has been who is Sean Strickland’s girlfriend?

Although Sean Strickland is rumoured to be dating fellow MMA fighter Heather Batten, neither of them have confirmed this in public. In addition to references of Batten on Strickland’s social media, they have also been seen together at various events. It is difficult to say for sure if they are in an exclusive relationship.

For full disclosure, here are some possible past partners of Strickland that have been discussed in the media:

  • Sandy Hoopii – A stylist from Hawaii who is rumoured to have been in a relationship with Strickland.
  • Aurelija Jankauskaite – A Lithuanian model who is thought to have dated Strickland around 2015-2017.
  • Anastasia. – Thought to be Strickland’s girlfriend in 2016.

It appears there is no clear answer to the question of who Sean Strickland is dating. We can only speculate until he or his current partner confirm something publicly.

It looks like Sean Strickland and his girlfriend are still going strong! This couple definitely has a great relationship and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be ending anytime soon. Even though Strickland seems to balance his life between his loyal fans and his beautiful girlfriend, it looks like they’ll be spending plenty of time together. Hopefully everyone can see them together soon on the red carpet!

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