Who’s to Blame in the Blitz Gas Can Suit?

Have you ever wondered who was responsible for the troubles stemming from the Blitz gas can lawsuit? This article will cover the who and the why behind the case that ensued, giving you an insight into this heated litigation and its numerous implications. So if you’ve been wanting to know who is responsible for the controversy of the Blitz gas can lawsuit, then read on to find out!
Who's to Blame in the Blitz Gas Can Suit?

The blitz gas can lawsuit is an ongoing legal action in which personal injury victims have accused Blitz USA, a manufacturer of fuel cans, of negligence and providing defective designs. According to the plaintiffs, certain models of Blitz gas cans produced between 2012 and 2016 have a history of “spitback”—the sudden eruption of a dangerous mix of fuel and vapor upon the act of unscrewing the cap. This has been known to cause severe burns and other serious harm, potentially including the loss of life.

The class action lawsuit was filed in 2015 in a federal court in Missouri. It claims that Blitz USA was aware of the design flaw but continued to produce and market the fuel cans without any measurements taken to reduce the risk of spitback. The lawsuit is pursuing a variety of possible course of relief, which may include compensatory and punitive damages, product recalls and changes to the design of the fuel cans.

  • Compensatory and punitive damages
  • Product recalls
  • Design changes to mitigate risk

Ultimately, the Blitz Gas Can suit shines a light on how companies can use their legal and financial advantage to drag out a case for years, particularly when facing a class action lawsuit from a large group of people who have suffered a preventable injury. It’s a frustrating example of what happens when a company’s bottom line is valued over the average consumer’s safety.

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