Why the ‘Search Google or Type a URL’ Meme is So Popular

Though it’s one of the most ubiquitous memes of the moment, you’ve probably seen this meme dozens of times before you knew what it was. The “Search Google or Type a URL” meme features a clueless looking person trying to find something online, which is ultra relatable. But why is it so popular? Read on to find out more about why this meme is having a moment.
Why the 'Search Google or Type a URL' Meme is So Popular
Searching for a Google or URL Meme

Finding a Google or URL meme can be a great way to add some humor and engage your audience. To help you out, we’ve listed some easy ways to search for them:

  • Type “Google/URL meme” into your search engine and browse through the results.
  • Check out meme websites such as 5th Cell and GIPHY.
  • Browse through Reddit or Tumblr to find memes related to the topic.
  • Create your own memes. Many online meme makers allow you to easily create custom memes.

Using the above-mentioned tips, you’ll be sure to find a Google or URL meme that’s perfect for your audience. Have fun finding that one-of-a-kind meme! It’s no wonder the ‘Search Google or Type a URL’ meme is so popular. It reflects our day-to-day struggle with technology in a relatable and humorous way, one that many of us can identify with. Even if you’re not part of the meme fandom, you can still appreciate its role in popular culture and how it helps us laugh every time we accidentally type in a URL instead of searching something in Google.

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