Why There’s a Blitz Gas Can Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

You may have heard recently about the Blitz gas can lawsuit. If you’re confused as to why the cans are the subject of a legal dispute, you’re not alone- it’s a complex story. In this article, we will explain why exactly there is a Blitz lawsuit and what that might mean for consumers. Ready to learn more about this developing story? Let’s dive in!
Why There's a Blitz Gas Can Lawsuit: What You Need to Know
What Is The Blitz Gas Can Lawsuit?

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Blitz U.S.A. Inc.over their fuel container designs. The lawsuit claims that Blitz’s fuel cans are defective, potentially resulting in gas-fueled fires and other accidents.

Blitz was accused of designing fuel cans with components that could malfunction, and then failing to market the true strength of the container materials. The lawsuit also accuses the company of failing to conduct proper safety tests on their containers and marketing their gas cans with defective, cheap plastic filler spouts.

These allegations include:

  • Flammable gases, vapors or liquids escaped the can
  • Fuel cans with fittings that leaked
  • Defective and corroded filler necks
  • Unsafe spouts that were prone to malfunction and leak
  • Seams that split, leading to gas leakage

The lawsuit’s purpose, in part, is to get monetary rewards for Blitz-fuel-can owners that experienced fires or accidents due to the company’s alleged defective designs. Also, the lawsuit seeks to promote safety by forcing Blitz to address the potential hazards of their gas cans.

As more of the Blitz Gas Chains lawsuits continue to unfold, it’s critical to remember that if your property was affected by a gas can explosion accident, the Blitz Gas Cans Lawsuit may be able to help you recover damages. Always be sure to do your research and contact an experienced attorney if you think you have a valid claim.

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