Woman Dies After Attempting ‘Rip Me Out the Plastic’ Challenge

This week, tragedy struck as a young woman attempted the latest internet challenge: the “Rip Me Out the Plastic” challenge. Unfortunately, the challenge ended in her death. This article will take a closer look at the challenge and the possible dangers it can pose.
Woman Dies After Attempting 'Rip Me Out the Plastic' Challenge
Tragic Loss of Life

A nineteen year old woman, Saumya, has passed away due to performing the ‘rip me out the plastic’ challenge. The challenge consists of being fully submerged in plastic wrap and holding your breath for as long as possible. Despite the warnings, Saumya decided to take up the challenge, leading to her untimely death.

This tragedy highlights the dangers of succumbing to peer pressure and partaking in dangerous dares. Such challenges can easily incur lifelong harmful repercussions and even result in fatalities. Awareness must be raised to educate internet users not to become victims of such potentially harmful trends.

We must stay clear away from such challenges that are catastrophic in nature. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when we come across such challenges on the internet:

  • Check the origin of the challenge
  • Look for safety considerations
  • Beware of legal ramifications
  • Discourage anyone from performing dangerous dares

In this day and age, dangers are everywhere. We must not forget to take the necessary precautions and look out for each other. Let’s be mindful on social media, like Saumya, and live to tell the tale!

It goes without saying that the “Rip Me Out the Plastic” challenge is not a safe one to attempt. Unfortunately, in this case, a woman lost her life to this dangerous challenge. We urge people to think hard before attempting any type of challenge like this. Stay safe everyone and keep on creating but make sure you never put yourself in harm’s way.

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