Xbox Wrap Up 2022: Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox year In review!

Xbox Wrap Up 2022

2023 is about to begin and to make resolutions for that, it is essential to know what we have done in 2022, how we have spent our time, and what we need to improve.

That’s why Spotify and PlayStation have released their wrap-up feature. This feature lets users know how they spend their time on these platforms. 

 Now, Xbox users also want to inspect their gaming statistics, like the games they played, the time they spent, etc. 

But, unfortunately, Xbox wrap up 2022 isn’t available. Why? because Xbox doesn’t have this feature.

Although, until 2018, users could easily inspect their stats because they had the wrap-up feature. But after that, Microsoft removed it.

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How can you check your Xbox stats? 

Players eagerly want to check their stats, especially after seeing PlayStation users wrap up tweets. Many users are also feeling low because they don’t have the features PlayStation users have. 

But don’t worry; Xbox wrap up 2022 isn’t available, but this doesn’t mean you can’t view your stats. 

Just visit the trueachievements website ( It is a platform that tracks players’ data and scores on Xbox series x/s, Xbox one, and many other platforms. 

After inspecting your data, it will compile it and then present it to you. 

Note – I’m unsure if the website is safe to use. But most people give positive reviews about it, so you can take a bet on visiting it.

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When will Xbox have the wrap-up function?

There is no news on that yet. 2022 is about to end, and Microsoft has yet to say a word about whether it will introduce this function or not. 

What are the users’ views on Xbox not having a wrap-up function?

Different users have different views on this. Some say it’s good that Xbox doesn’t have that function because it could stress them. 

Whereas others are ired over this because they wish to get the stats, but they don’t have any option. 

End Note

I understand your feelings, but unfortunately, Xbox wrap up 2022 isn’t available yet, and there is no news on when it will be.

But you don’t need to worry because trueachievements is there for you; it will give you stats, so visit it if possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Xbox is coming out in 2022? 

    The Xbox series is coming out and is considered the fastest and most powerful Xbox. 

  2. Is there an Xbox wrap-up?

    Unfortunately no, there is no news on whether Microsoft will introduce the option or not. 

  3. Should you buy an Xbox in 2022?

    To be honest, I would only suggest you to buy an Xbox one in 2022 if you are getting it at a reasonable price (discounted). Otherwise, you must check series x|s and other Xbox versions. 

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