The BRUSSELS Tribunal is an activist think tank and peace organization with a special focus on Iraq. This initiative of intellectuals, artists, and activists denounces the logic of permanent war promoted by the American government and its allies, affecting, for the time being, particularly one region in the world: the Middle East. The BT was founded around the time of the invasion in March 2003, largely supported by the cultural scene in Brussels (P.A.R.T.S., Rosas, Beursschouwburg, Les Halles), and in April 2004 a people’s court was held against the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and its role in the illegal invasion of Iraq. This hearing constituted the opening session of the World Tribunal on Iraq. After this endeavor, The Brussels Tribunal decided to become a permanent organization and has evolved into an international network including many Iraqi academics, intellectuals, and activists.

The Brussels Tribunal is a founding member of IAON, the International Anti-Occupation Network. As one of the few organizations worldwide that continues to monitor Iraq, its website, newsletters, and reports have gained worldwide authority over the years. As the invasion and occupation constitute one of the biggest man-made disasters of our time, a forgotten but hideous crime against humanity, the Iraqi cause deserves our attention. Some of these ongoing crimes include the targeted killing of academics and media professionals. The BRUSSELS Tribunal has relentlessly documented and condemned this. The Brussels Tribunal tries to be a bridge between the intellectual resistance in the Arab world and the Western peace movements.

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