Last Pirates Trello Roblox (2022) Codes, Wiki, Fruits & Map!

There are two important things in the last pirates game – money and character stats. Here players find the new seas, complete levels, and earn money. In their way, they have to fight with bandits, etc. Last pirates is one of the latest games on Roblox. It is inspired by one piece. In this game, fruits give energy to the players.

Last Pirates Trello fruits

Do you know that the last pirates Trello currently has 19 fruits in the game? Some of them can be found easily, whereas others are rare. The use of all the fruits also varies in the whole game. Now, let’s come to the list of fruits-

Last Pirates Trello

Best fruits in the game

  • Tori-tori, goro-goro, mochi-mochi, Mera-mera, hie-hie, yami-yami, zushi-zushi, soru-soru, magu-magu, gura-gura.

Other fruits which are not considered the best in last pirates Trello are-

  • Bomu-bomu, suke-suke, moku-moku, guru-guru, awa-awa, yomi-yomi, fuwa-fuwa, suna-suna. 

Out of the best, there are only three elusive and desirable fruits – tori-tori, mochi-mochi, and Goro-Goro. These fruits also have some useful energy. The chances of finding them in the random fruit spawns are rare. If you purchase these from the store, the rates will be comparatively high from others.

The rare fruits like bomu-bomu, bari-bari, suna-suna, and moku-moku are rarest in the last pirates wiki game. But when it comes to cost, they cost less. 

But if you are familiar with other fruits, you can continue playing with them. But you can change your fruits as per your liking. 

Why are these fruits important in last pirates Trello?

Because these fruits give powers to the characters in the game. Players can only use single fruit at a time. 

How can you get fruits in the mast pirates?

There are two ways – by purchasing or grabbing it because new fruits are dropped every hour in the game.

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Last pirates Trello codes

In this section of the game, we will discuss the last pirates Trello codes. The developers of the game release various codes on its official websites. You can follow the developers on various social media handles to get updates about the last pirates Trello codes. Want to know which codes are working now? Here is the list-

  • BigUpdate

You can only use this code when you are at level 300. It is for redeeming 5LP.

  • NewWorld

Players can use this code to redeem a Stat Reset.

  • Bleak

This code can be used to redeem 50K beli.

  • KongPoop

This code is also for redeeming a Stat Reset. 

How can players redeem the last pirates Trello codes?

It’s easy – Just open the game and tap on the list feature. Now, hit on the Twitter icon. After this, you’ll be directed to a new window; you need to enter the codes there. Click on enter after filling in the codes. 

Last Pirates Trello map

The last pirates game provides a vast map. 

  1. First Island

On this island, 15 levels are there where the player has to kill mobs on the island. 

  1. Bagy Island

On Bagy island, the player will have to pass level 30. 

  1. Revolutionary Island

The player can earn upto $2500 on this island in the game.

  1. Marine island

There are two quests on the marine island – marine and marine boss. In the first one, the player is required to kill five marines. The latter one is protected by the walls and can be found in the palace. 

  1. Desert island

After sailing from the opposite side of the marine island, people can reach the desert island. The player on this island can earn upto $7,500.

  1. Snow Island

When the player sails from the west coast of a desert island, they can arrive at the snow island. As its name indicates, it’s full of snow. 

  1. Cyborg Island

To reach this island, the player has to defeat yeti. It is one of the biggest islands on the last pirates Roblox map. 

  1. Admiral island

This is the last island in the game where the player kills the admiral bosses. 

These are the main islands in the game. But the minor islands include – carnival island, pole seller, haunted ship, justica lsle, rock island, dream of castles, hollow island, Fishman island, etc.

One piece last pirates Trello

One piece last pirates Trello is nothing different. Some people call last pirates one piece last pirates Trello because it is inspired by one piece. 

Last pirates wiki

Last pirates wiki is a keyword people search for. It indicates the last pirates game in Roblox, where people take energy by eating fruits. The game provides users with a vast map that attracts more players.

Last pirates wiki

­čÄârelease last pirates Trello

There is no information available regarding the ­čÄârelease last pirates Trello. 


Last pirates is a newly introduced game in Roblox inspired by one piece. In this game, players fight against obstacles and move to the next level. I hope you have found the last pirates Trello information useful. 

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