Rotisserie Chicken Eating Philadelphia: 40 Chickens in 40 Days Challenge!

Rotisserie Chicken Eating Philadelphia

People take various kinds of challenges from time to time. And now, the chicken challenge got viral on social media platforms. Many people are talking about it. This chicken challenge was a self-taken challenge by a Philadelphia citizen, Alexander Tominsky. Are you here to get the complete information about rotisserie chicken eating Philadelphia? If yes, adhere till the end, and I assure you that you’ll get all the necessary details. Let’s start – 

What was the challenge about? 

Alexander, 31, a worker in a chicken shop, recently accomplished an unusual feat. Because of this goal, he is popularly known as “chickenman.” His wife, Mallory, has supported him in this weird goal. 

Initially, he took this challenge for 30 days but later felt like he had not gone far enough. So he extended the challenge for ten days. In this feat, he ate rotisserie chicken for 40 days. His 40th day was the 6th of November. He also invited people to go and see him eating the chicken on the last day. 

His last post, about the 40th chicken meal, went viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter. It got more than 1,25,000 likes

The 8th of October

On the 8th, he first posted about his challenge, the 11th consecutive day of his chicken challenge. He tweeted that he would eat rotisserie chicken for 30 days and today (the day he posted about this challenge) is the 11th day.

He also said that he would update everyone as he gets closer to accomplishing the task. At the end of this tweet, he also added thank you. 

Some people always keep their word, and Alexander is one of them. Since that day, the 8th of October, he uploaded his photo eating chicken daily. Sometimes, he also added a video of himself. 

Due to his consistency, fun, and tough challenge, more people started engaging with him. Even on the 40th day, people also gathered to cheer him up on his final sitting.

When he ate the final bite of chicken, people started shouting hero! Hero! Listening to that, he said he isn’t a hero, just a man who ate chicken and did his best. He also thanked people for gathering there and cheering him up. 

28th October tweet

As I told you, he took the challenge initially for 30 days only. But at the completion of the 30th day, he decided to extend the time period. 

On 27th, he tweeted asking people to come and watch him eat the chicken. In this tweet, he also mentioned that the 6th of November would be the last day of his challenge. 

One individual printed out his tweet and stapled it into a telephone pole.

Why did Alexander Tominsky take this weird challenge? 

As per a New York Times report, Alexander stated the world’s pain was his motivation behind doing this task. He said that the world is in misery, so he wanted to do something to make them feel good and smile. 

He also said that he felt like he was doing this challenge for a vital reason. 

Although all individuals do not like this challenge. Many people have taken this normally. One individual also said that this challenge has no moral lesson and that Alexander is just eating Chicken. 

Is it safe to eat rotisserie chicken for this long? 

Well, if we take it according to Alexander’s experience, eating it regularly is not good for anyone’s health. He felt gross after eating a bird for 40 consecutive days and had lost 14 pounds. 

During this challenge, he encountered frequent bouts of dizziness, cramps, brain god, and achiness. 

When he was asked whether he would do this kind of challenge again, he clearly said no. 

Conclusion – 

So, it’s all about the rotisserie chicken-eating Philadelphia man and some related things about his self-taken task. I hope you have got everything you were expecting from this article. But if I’ve left something, you can ask it in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is rotisserie chicken a junk food?

    It’s a healthy food, rich in proteins and nutrients. 

  2. Are rotisserie chickens injected with sodium?

    Yes, to keep the birds tasty, they are often injected with a solution containing a significant amount of sodium.

  3. How many calories in a rotisserie chicken? 

    As per USDA, it contains around 183 calories. 

  4. Can you get sick from rotisserie chicken? 

    It is recommended to eat the chicken when it’s hot. If you leave it for a couple of hours, bacteria can flourish. 

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