Scissor Lift Rental (2022) Aerial Work Platforms for Rent!

Scissor Lift Rental

Want to rent Scissor Lift Rental from You may be, and that’s why I’m here. I will mention all the necessary details about “Scissor Lift Rental“, so stay tuned till the last word. Let’s begin –

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What are scissor lifts?

It provides a wide platform that can hold various workers at once. It is mainly used by industrial and construction teams and for residential work. 

They can aid workers to reach upto a height of 50 feet. 

There are two types of scissor lifts – rough terrain lifts and electric ones. The design and function of all are the same, but the places they are commonly used at differ.

 Rough terrain lifts –

  • a good fit for heavy-duty work.
  • Have 4WD and rugged tires. 
  • Suitable for industrial and maintenance tasks. 

Electric lifts –

  • Commonly used to accomplish residential works. 
  • Have small frames.
  • Can fit through standard doorways.
  • Secure for performing indoor works.

Which kind of scissor lift should you rent? 

The factors that will help you decide on the scissor lift you need are – load size, platform size, height, and type of terrain. 

Look at all these things and then decide on the right one. 

Scissor lifts that rents

There are 11 lifts that you can get from this platform. You can also categorize them using the refine option on the left side. 

Lifts that you can rent if your work height is between 11 feet to 20 feet – 

LiftDay PriceWeek priceMonth price
19 feet electric scissor lift narrow$102$238$433

Lifts that can be used for heights between 21 feet to 30 feet –

LiftDay PriceWeek priceMonth price
26 feet electric scissor lift narrow$118$322$593
26 feet electric lift wide$138$299$698
26 feet rough terrain scissor lift 4WD$154$409$1008

Lifts for height between 31 feet to 40 feet – 

LiftDay PriceWeek priceMonth price
32 feet electric scissor lift narrow$154$378$850
32 feet electric scissor lift wide$160$404$863
32 feet rough terrain scissor lift 4WD$194$489$1117
40 feet electric scissor lift narrow$245$586$1328
40 feet electric scissor lift wide$211$628$1449
40 feet rough terrain scissor lift 4WD$248$650$1498

Lifts for height between 41 feet to 50 feet –

LiftDay PriceWeek priceMonth price
50 feet rough terrain scissor lift 4WD $379$891$2187

How can you rent these scissor lifts? 

The process is simple – 

  • Visit
  • Move to the scissor lift section by clicking on “explore all.” 
  • Select the lift you wish to rent.
  • Click on the “add to cart” option given below the lift. 
  • Now, a new page will open, showing you all the lifts you added to your cart. 
  • Tap on “view cart and checkout.”
  • Fill in all the details asked and click on “calculate process.” 
  • Follow the given instructions and checkout as required. 


This is all about “Scissor Lift Rental” I hope now you won’t struggle with booking any lifts from But in case you struggle, you can try contacting their customer care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is a scissor lift?

    The charges of scissor lifts vary from lift to lift. For example, if you are using a 19 feet lift, it can cost around $12,000. In the same way, the charges vary from lift to lift. 

  2. What is the smallest lift available?

    Genie GS1330M is the smallest one available. 

  3. What is the smallest rough terrain scissor lift?

    S2770RT is the smallest one in Snorkel’s rough terrain category. It is most suited for outdoor work confined between buildings. 

  4. What are the disadvantages of a scissor lift?

    Here are some of the disadvantages –
    Sensitive to external influences, lifelong belt re-tensioning, etc. 

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