Roblox Trollge Conventions Trello, Wiki, Weeping Cup, Items, Tier List, Script & Discord!

Trollge Conventions Trello

Trollge Conventions Trello: Trollge refers to a serious Troll face partially obscured by shadow. Circulating since July 2020, Trollge derives its name and popularity from a series of creepypasta-style countdown videos warning the viewer of the upcoming arrival of an entity called “Trollge” and advising them to get on their feet. shelter.

The videos were posted on /r/196 and /r/ok buddy delay subreddits in mid-November 2020 and were distributed online via reposts.

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Trollge Conventions Trello

Games are always fun, whether you’re playing an adventure game or a horror game.

There are a wide variety of games on the market that will keep you entertained. Trolls are all the rage, and people check out the “Trollge Universe Incident Wiki” to get a clear idea.

If you are also one who wants to enter the world of Trollz and get to know them better, this is the right place. Let’s go into the details of the Trollge conventions in Trello and learn some important things.

How to play the game?

  • The whole game is about playing with Trollge, so players have to find chests. This is the main way to get varieties of Trollge and other items like mugs.

The game offers different crafting items, which are equally important as players need to make orbs with them and get items from chests. There is also an option to upgrade Trollge and get more powers.

There are different types of breasts, some of which are quite rare. Players must find other Trolls to get the chest and build a powerful team. The cups are in different chests, so each one is important to the players.

The game is interesting because of Trollge and his quirks. If you are also looking for something new and exciting then try playing this game.

The game has a huge following and players love the way Trollge plays it. The graphics and gameplay make it different from other games.

What does the chest do in the game?

  • The chest is an important part of the game because it is the place from which players can obtain Trollge in the game, but besides that, there are many other items in the box. So, let’s see more on the chest.
  • This is the main way that helps players get Trollge.
  • The chest contains many other items such as a blood cup, oil cup, paper, the king’s arm, a cursed orb, and even a holy orb.
  • about five types, making the chest and each unique.
  • It also has variations on Trollge, so be careful which one has a powerful one.

In the game, there are 4 different kinds of chests:

  • Chest: This is your usual and most common breast. He can drop Oil Cups, Blood Cups, Cursed Orbs, Holy Orbs, Paper, Unknown Eye, King’s Arm, and Warp Coil.
  • Dark Chest – A purple chest with a purple glow and flame particles. You can drop acid cups and radioactive cups. Spawn Rate: 1/250
  • Chest of Light – A golden yellow chest with a golden glow and a yellow flame particle. Light cup drops. Spawn Rate: 1/500
  • Skin Chest: RGB Gaming Chest with RGB Gamer Glow and RGB Gamer Flame Particle. Skin cup drops. Spawn Rate: 1/600


  • There are 6 types of Tumblers in the game, these give you different Trolls
  • Oil Cut – You can get Ghost, Aurora Woods, Trollge, Sans, and Sus.
  • Blood Cup: This can give you one of the following, Aurora Woods: 2, Ghost: 2, The Stalker, Trollge: 2, Sans: 2, Sus: 2.
  • Acid Cup: This can give you one of the following: Twisted Terror, Trollge Friend, Dream, Sun God, Mistake God, Pain Trollge, Ruler of Sorrow reality, the ruler of time, the strange troll
  • Light Cup: This can give you one of the following, Jotaro, Tall Guy, The Voices, The Eternal Chorus, Trollge King, Rainbow Pain, or Trollge Oil.
  • Skin Cup – This will give you a random Trollge skin.
  • You’ll receive Saiyan or the Weeping God if you use the radioactive cup.
  • Halloween Cup – Unobtainable now, but would give you a Halloween Trollge (also unobtainable), which are Halloween Trickster, Fear, and THE HALLOWEEN HELL.
  • The galactic cup will give you a ruler and if you have the weeping god you can get the multiversal gol

Summoning leaders

  • Paper, this will summon Troll-096 and when you defeat it, it will give you 1 dark chest
  • Kings Arm, this will summon Trollge King and when you defeat him he will give you 2 dark chests
  • Warp Spiral, will summon corruption and when you defeat it, it will give you 2 dark chests
  • Unknown Eye will summon the rooftops and when you defeat it, it will give you 2-3 dark chests
  • Space Egg will summon Space Eater and when you defeat it, it will give you 2 light chests


  • Cursed Orb – Used to upgrade trolls to their cursed variant (they become legendary), can be used on Troll (worst), The Voices, Sus, Dio, Troll King, and Sans.
  • Holy Orb – Used to upgrade trolls to their holy variant (they become legendary and gain healing abilities), can be used on Ghost, Troll, Jotaro, and Sans.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is another type of chest?

    There are a total of 4 types of chests in the game, including normal, dark, light, and impossible chests. The appearance of the chest also varies, and lucky players can get what they need in the game.

  2. When is the breast most likely to appear?

    Players who are not sure when the chest will appear should look at the card. Yes, if a white stripe surrounds the card, there is a chance that it will appear, and it can even be in large numbers.


The game is fun as the trolls are very different and keep you intact. Trollge variations allow players to fight in the game and use their abilities to survive.

Also, the chest is the only way to help players get troll coins that will be used later in the game.

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