How To Make Money (2023) Invest & Earn!

How To Make Money
How To Make Money

Want to make money but don’t know how you can? Well, no worries because I’ve come up with some works you can do and earn a significant amount of money. And lemme clear one more thing before getting to those jobs; you don’t need to have any degree to do so. Everything mentioned here will help you earn a lot if you have skills and knowledge. Now, let’s start today’s topic, “how to make money” 

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How To Make Money

Following are some ways to make a significant amount of money – 

Do freelancing

Freelancing is when you work for someone on a contract basis.

For example – you have taken a contract from writing two blogs. Once you’re done with that, your contract will end. The company can’t say anything. Besides, the company can’t interfere with your work. You have to meet their demands and that’s all. You’ll get paid for that work. 

You can say freelancers are self-employed; they choose their work. 

Many platforms help you in finding freelance work. Not only freelance work, but you can also find a full-time position there. Any guesses on which platforms are they? They are – Upwork, Linkedin, pay per hour, Fiverr, freelancer, etc. 

If you’re skilled enough, you can easily find jobs on these platforms. 

Start a youtube channel

There are many ways to make money from a youtube channel; you can add ads, promote others, run sponsored ads, etc. But all this can only be done if you have a sufficient number of subscribers and viewers. 

Monetizing any youtube channel can be challenging. Sometimes, it takes even months. But to be honest, it all depends on how you work, what kind of videos you upload, your consistency and many other things. Connecting to your audience is also necessary if you wish to monetize your channel asap. 

Youtube has put two conditions for turning on the monetization of any channel – 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time. If you can fulfill it, you will get money from every viewer.  

Online surveys

I know it’s a bit difficult to believe that you can earn money by filling out surveys, but it’s true. Websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Toluna, etc. give various rewards to survey fillers. 

If you have time and can do this work, you can create your account here and earn money this way. 

One more thing – you have to fill in accurate information. If you fill it wrong, you won’t be able to earn money this way. Besides, there are not unlimited surveys available even on these websites. So don’t lose hope if you are unable to find surveys in unlimited amounts.

Create a blog

Creating a blog is quite easy but earning money from it is not. Although, you can’t ignore the fact that bloggers even make lakhs per month.

First of all, you have to turn on the monetization of your blog. Once you successfully do that, you’ll get money whenever anyone visits your blog. 

But this is not easy; you must stay consistent, write good content, focus on SEO and other ranking factors. With all these things, your website should not be a scam. Just like these factors, there are many more that influence your blog a lot. 

⏩ Once you have good traffic, you can also earn from affiliate marketing. 

Virtual tutor

Do you think you have the skills and knowledge to teach anyone? If yes, you should certainly consider becoming a virtual tutor. Tutors are always in demand, and nowadays, the demand has increased more because many school teachers don’t teach properly.


Do you have the skills to express anything in words and engage your audience? If you have, you can become a content writer, copywriter and even a book writer. 

Although with writing skills, you should also have researching skills, especially if you’re a content or copywriter. 


This is a great way to earn money but needs prior investment. You can’t invest without money. Besides money, you also need to have the proper knowledge of the sector you wish to invest in. 

⏩ Never invest by listening to others because it can lead to huge losses. If you don’t have enough knowledge, drop the idea of investing. Learn first and then invest. 

Sell your art and photography

Many art lovers are ready to buy your art. But for that, you must have skills to catch the eyes of the viewer and compel him to buy your art. (Compelling by art). 

End Note 

If you think earning money is a pipe dream, it isn’t. There are various ways to make money, but not everyone can earn it. Why? Because hard work, skills, patience and many other qualities are required.

In this article, I’ve mentioned the answer to “how to make money” I hope you’re clear with everything I’ve talked about. But if you have any doubts, feel free to clear them; I’m just a comment away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I make 1000 a day?

    There are various ways to make 1k a day, like teaching dance, writing, investing, starting your own business, blogging, starting a youtube channel, etc. 

  2. How to make money from zero?

    Freelancing, teaching, starting a youtube channel, selling your art, etc. are some ways that don’t require prior investment. 

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