Kyrie Irving Tweet That Got Him Suspended (2022) Original Tweet & Reddit!

Kyrie Irving Tweet That Got Him Suspended

Kyrie Irving is an American basketball player of the National Basketball Association. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, and now holds both American and Australian citizenship. He is in the news nowadays because of his anti-semitic post on Twitter. And now, he is suspended from the Brooklyn Nets because of his one tweet. Are you interested to know about the “Kyrie Irving tweet that got him suspended?” If yes, go through this article thoroughly. 

What did kyrie irving tweet?

Kyrie is now suspended for at least five matches without pay by the Brooklyn nets. Why? Because of his tweet in which he linked an antisemitic movie (Hebrews to Negroes: wake up black America). This tweet was highly criticized by most people and ired them. 

His team said that they had made various attempts to work with Irving and aid him in understanding the harm that his actions have been causing. 

Brooklyn Nets said that they believe taking the educational path in this complex situation would be best. They also thought they had made progress with their joint commitment to eliminating hate. Kyrie’s thoughts and actions are against the values of their organization. They now believe that Kyrie isn’t fit to become a part of the nets. 

They have also mentioned that Kyrie will be suspended without pay until he does a series of objective remedial measures. 

Although, the team said that they were surprised when Kyrie didn’t say that he has no antisemitic thoughts while talking to the media. 

Joe Tsai, the owner of the Brooklyn nets, is among the people who voiced against Irving’s tweet and showed anger at him. 

Irving’s statement to all this was – he doesn’t believe that everything mentioned in the documentary is legit or reflects his principles. He also said that he is a Homosapien who is learning from everything in life and is willing to listen. 

On Thursday, Kyrie said that he doesn’t favour any kind of hate, and he and his group would love to donate $500,000 to people who work towards eliminating it. But later on, the CEO of the anti-defamation league Greenblatt said that the organization wouldn’t take any donations from him. 

In Greenblatt’s tweet, he mentioned that after watching the press conference, it became clear that Kyrie didn’t feel any accountability for what he did. And that’s why the organization doesn’t feel like accepting his donations. 

Better late than never, On Thursday night, Kyrie wrote a message on Instagram apologizing for the incident.

The message said that” he posted the documentary which included some false statements and is offensive to Jews community and he takes full responsibility for that.

After saying this, he apologized to the people who got hurt because of his tweet by saying that he was profoundly sorry and apologized to all the people who were hurt. He also said that he had no intention of hurting any Jewish cultural history, and he learnt from this incident. 

Later on, in a joint statement with the Nets and Anti-defamation league, Irving mentioned that he is against all kinds of hatred and holds the back of communities that are getting affected daily. He also mentioned that he takes all the duty for the negative impact caused by his post towards Jewish people. 

So this is all about the Kyrie Irving post that got him suspended, how the Brooklyn Nets and other people reacted to it and his apology. I hope you’ve got all the data you were hunting for. 

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