Martin Kohan’s Feria del Libro: A Guide

If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to spend your day, pop by Martin Kohan’s Feria del Libro book fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From new releases to rare books, more than 500 exhibitors will have their work featured, making it a great stop for all booklovers. Read on for a full guide to the event and what to expect.
Martin Kohan's Feria del Libro: A Guide
For lovers of literature, the Martin Kohan Feria del Libro is the perfect event. This popular book fair is hosted annually on the scenic bluffs of Punta Carrasco in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The fair offers a wide range of activities for its attendees, including:

  • Exhibitions of books from a selection of publishers
  • Meet and greets with authors and other well-known literary figures
  • Plenty of live music and entertainment
  • Gastronomic experiences in the food truck alley

This event has become a major tourist attraction, and has seen an increase in visitors over the years. This year, the fair’s organizers have put together an eclectic program of activities, including theater performances and workshops for children. With its mix of literary, gastronomical, and entertainment activities, there truly is something for everyone. Martin Kohan’s Feria del Libro is an amazing experience that literary fans worldwide should experience at least once. The thoughtful and well-organized fair offers something for everyone, from authors to bookworms, and it’s the largest book fair of its kind in the entire world. The Feria isn’t just about buying books—it’s a truly unique journey through literature. With our guide in tow, your journey there will be a breeze. Enjoy!

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