GTA Online Weekly Update: Know About Bonuses & Wiki Guide!

The GTA Online Weekly Update App has recently been released and has quickly gained popularity. In the Google Play Store, has a rating of 4.5 stars. It is a part of the Google Play Store division. It’s a small program. So, don’t be concerned about space.

The GTA 5 Online Weekly Update game is the only game entertainment offering with a wide range of entertaining and fantastic features. The free edition helps get a feel for its features before upgrading to the premium ones.

GTA Online Weekly Update

Then, we made sure to explain its safety to you. If you run into any issues, scroll down this page. All topics were covered in straightforward words. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you still need assistance or have queries.

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September 2022 updates of the game are

Two new cars are added to the game: the Dinka Kanjo SJ and the Dinka Postlude. 

By doing the following activities in the game, you can earn a bonus this week-

  • on tuner activities, deathmatch, arena war, land grab adversary mode, king of the hill, auto shop deliveries, upl missions, tuner contracts. 

Discounts offered in the week are-

The following are the discounts given on vehicles:

  • 50% off 
  • 40% off 

On these vehicles, a 40% discount will be given-Manana Custom, Clique, Euros, Futo GTX, RT3000 GB200, and Sultan RS Classic

30% off on – Itali RSX, Tailgater S. 

If you achieve the first position in the LS car meet series for three days continuously, you can get a vapid flash GT. 

Grand Theft Auto Online currently has a significant new update that is free. 

How to get the most out of GTA Online?

The top GTA Online teams and players have figured out how to use player stats, which let them rise to the top of the leaderboards. An evenly matched combat can be decided by a 1% difference in the stats.

The difference between experiencing an epic GTA Online moment and merely witnessing it will come down to that extra second of sprinting, the least amount of damage you can still take, and the one degree of direction you can change while in midair.

Since you can usually do both at once with most stats, you might want to spend that time grinding cash for that new weapon and keeping an eye on your stats!

Being sly is a great strategy to survive in Grand Theft Auto Online. The opponent who is unaware of your presence is the good enemy. They won’t be able to shoot you if they can’t aim at you.

You will become the ideal murderer if you ambush your target and strike from cover. You can stalk your prey while in stealth because your blip will vanish from the mini-map. Another fast method of eliminating adversarial players is through stealth takedowns.

With awesome discounts, brand-new podium vehicles, thrilling activities, and added reward chances, Rockstar Games has updated their most popular game! If you enjoy playing GTA Online on a daily basis, you have the chance to earn some serious money and save money on the things you’ve always wanted.

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Rockstar seems to be still working on new projects. Rockstar continued to find ways to enhance GTA Online over the course of the days that followed. Start your engines, GTA Online players; a brand-new racing series is making its debut in the game along with the most recent update.

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