Meet Ellen Travolta’s Siblings

We all know and love the legendary John Travolta and his daughter, Ella. But, did you know that John also has two other incredible siblings? Meet Ellen Travolta’s siblings — actress Joan Travolta and singer, dancer, producer, director, and actor, Sam Travolta. Whether they’re performing on Broadway, on the big screen, or directing films, Ellen’s siblings are known in the entertainment world for their work. We’ll take a look at their amazing careers and take a peek at their personal lives.
Meet Ellen Travolta's Siblings

Ellen Travolta is a famous American actress and she is the sister of John Travolta. Along with John, the whole Travolta family consists of five siblings.

The members of the family are:

  • John Travolta – the eldest of the five siblings and well known for his roles in Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Pulp Fiction, among many others.
  • Ann Travolta – the next in line and a school teacher.
  • Margaret Travolta – a celebrated nurse and educator.
  • Ellen Travolta – the second youngest and a well-known actress.
  • Randy Travolta – the youngest of the siblings and a restaurant owner.

The Travolta siblings have all enjoyed success in their respective careers. All five of them are an example of how a supportive and close family can help you achieve your goals.

The Travolta family is an icon of modern entertainment, with each sibling having their own unique role and contribution to the Hollywood legacy. With Ellen Travolta’s siblings, one thing is clear – they have a genuine love and admiration for one another, which shines through in all of their projects. Thanks for reading!

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