Unequal Codes (2022 November) XP boosts and Free cash!

Unequal Codes

Searching for Roblox unequal codes? Consider your search ending here because I’ll mention all the active unequal codes, their redemption processes, and other related information. Ready to know everything? Let’s begin – 

What are Unequal codes?

These codes are something that provides players with free rewards, which further helps them to rock in the game. 

Active codes

MANAWORLDRELEASEIn the game, you can exchange it for 15,000 cash. 
TIERINCREASEIt provides users with a tier increase (free of charge). 
MANAUODATEIt provides players with two things: 10k cash and half an hour of double XP.
GROUP30k cash and tier increase is what players can get after redeeming it. 
NOMOREALPHA30k cash and half an hour of double XP.
FREECASHIt provides users with 50k cash. 

Redemption process of unequal codes – 

The process isn’t tough; it’s all simple – 

  • Open the unequal game in Roblox.
  • Flick on the menu option. 
  • Now, it’s time to tap on the twitter codes option in the menu. 
  • Enter the code you wanna redeem there and then smash on the redeem button. 

Important information regarding the unequal codes. 

Hold on; there are some more things that every player should know if he is using codes. (Although it’s not a must.)

  • Correct Spelling

Make certain that the spelling you are entering is correct. Punctuations and everything in the code should be as they are mentioned because a slight mistake in spelling can make the code worthless. So make sure you enter everything as it is. 

  • Expiry

The codes have an expiry date, so make sure you use them before it. On top of this, the expiry date isn’t mentioned, so try to use them asap. If you don’t use the codes while they are active, just forget to get the free rewards. 

  • One time use

Let me make it clear that you can only use a code once. If you try to redeem the same code more than once, it won’t help you out; you’ll just get frustrated. 

  • More codes

If you want to stay updated with the codes and other information regarding the game, Discord is one of the best platforms. 

Follow the developers on discord, every time a new code is released, it is announced there. 

You can follow the discord servers of the game; there, you can interact with fellow players. 

  • The code isn’t working

Sometimes, the code doesn’t work. So if you are sure the code is working, just re-open the game and then try to redeem it. 

(The code can also be expired, so don’t stress your mind if it doesn’t work). 


I hope now you can get free rewards in the Roblox unequal game without doing much hard work. Do you have any doubts regarding unequal codes? If so, you can clear them out by putting them in the comment section. 

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