{Display} Geforce Hotfix Driver Version 526.61 Download

Geforce Hotfix Driver Version 526.61

Looking for some information regarding GeForce hotfix driver version 526.61? Well, Nvidia just released this version and solved a log of bugs and issues persisting in the previous one.

The list of the fixes is –

  • Flashing corruption.
  • Vtube studio may crash to black screen issue is solved.
  • Another issue that is fixed is = GPU is stuck in the PO state after exiting certain games.

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If you are also facing any of these problems in the previous version, Nvidia’s geforce hotfix driver version 526.61 is worth installing. 

But don’t forget that Nvidia’s driver version 526.61 is only supported for Nvidia’s GDDR6X version of the 3060 Ti and the 8GB version of the 3060. 

If you want to download it, you can directly visit nVidia’s customer service site. 

So this is all regarding geforce hotfix driver version 526.61. 

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