Microsoft Project Volterra (Windows Dev Kit 2023) Arm!

Microsoft Project Volterra

Microsoft has announced the new hardware that will work on the ARM version, mainly for developers. During the Build Developer Conference, Microsoft declared this new Dev kit, “Microsoft Project Volterra.”

The main reason to bring up this dev box with powerful processors and RAM is to create AI applications and give new opportunities for developers. But now this box is known as “Windows Dev kit 2023” and is available in 8 countries.

If you, too, are a developer working with AI, it works like a pro. So, let’s check more about the kit, its price, working, and much more:

What is windows arm dev kit?

The Windows Dev Kit is a developer device with a Neural processing unit. It is the latest device equipped with the ARM version of windows and is capable of developing, debugging, testing, and designing any type of Windows app.

In addition, developers can build apps that work on ML models without compromising performance. So, developers can unlock many new things with this powerful device.

Below are the specifications of the device which would let you decide how it will help you in developing AI apps:

  1. Processor: Snapdragon ® 8cx Gen 3 compute platform
  2. Memory: 32GB LPDDR4x RAM
  3. Storage: 512GB fast NVMe Storage
  4. Ports: 3x USB-A, 2x USB-C, Mini-Display (HBR2 support), Ethernet (RJ45). It supports 2 monitors simultaneously to work like a pro.
  5. Graphics: Qualcomm® Adreno™

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Why buy windows dev kit 2023 Linux?

Many reasons show why developers should buy windows dev kit 2023. Below are some of the reasons:

  • The kit is integrated with NPU hardware which helps to build apps faster. Moreover, it works with AL/ML models that help to get work done faster.
  • It has an ARM toolchain that is compatible with the device. It compromises libraries, Visual Studio, frameworks, and much more. It is not just limited to developing but also makes it easy to test and release the app.
  • The windows dev kit 2023 is also compatible with the cloud and .NET framework. So, feel free to install your thing on the device and start working smoothly.
  • To increase native performance, it also has OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Edge, and even defender of Endpoint. Thus, it is a complete system that makes work easy for developers and produces good results.


In which countries is Windows Dev kit 2023 available?

Currently, the Windows Dev kit is available in 8 different countries, including Australia, the US, Japan, the UK, China, Germany, France, and Canada.

What is the windows dev kit 2023 price?

The current price of windows dev kit 2023 is $599. So, if you, too, are looking to develop an AI app with high performance and quickly, go for windows dev kit 2023.


If you live in any of the 8 countries and work as a developer, windows dev kit 2023 is best for you. The integrated features and the option to install an add-on work like a boon for developers. So, check out your requirements and specifications if you plan to buy the kit.

Microsoft Project Volterra (Windows Dev Kit 2023) Arm!

Microsoft has announced the new hardware that will work on the ARM version that is new Dev kit, "Microsoft Project Volterra.", mainly for developers.

Service Type: Windows Dev Kit 2023

Price: $599

Currency: USD

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