{Permanently} How To Delete Paypal Account 2023?

How To Delete Paypal Account

PayPal is one of the best and most secure ways to conduct international transactions. It offers a free service where you can pay abroad or even online. It is quite easy to create an account and conduct transactions. But for some reason need you to delete the account permanently. If you, too, are thinking of deleting it but finding an answer on how to delete your PayPal account, it is the right place for you.

If you no longer need the PayPal account and are willing to delete it, check out the information below. But be sure, an account deleted once cannot be retrieved back.

Why delete a PayPal account?

PayPal is best for carrying out international transactions, but you need to delete the account for some reason. For example, PayPal does not require maintaining any minimum balance nor giving out anything or the deposited money. Therefore, it is considered the secure way of international transactions. Below are some of the common reasons that need one to delete an account:

  • You have changed your email address and are willing to get the PayPal account transferred to it. So, you need to delete the current PayPal account and create a new one with the new email address.
  • Business PayPal accounts are closed if there is no further trading. Most of the time, people even close it for safety reasons.
  • There are other payment gateway options that are equally secure and safe. So, you want to switch on them and delete the PayPal account.
  • But in any case, if you delete the account once, there is no way to get it back. The option to use the same email address for a new account won’t retrieve information about the old account.

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How to delete a PayPal account?

If you have a PayPal account, but you no longer need it or willing to delete it permanently, follow the below-given steps:

  1. It is not possible to delete a PayPal account through an Android & iOS mobile app, so log in to the account on your computer or desktop.
  1. Once logged in, click on the “Gear icon” in the screen’s top right corner. It will open the settings menu.
  1. There are many tabs in the settings menu, so go to “Account Tab” and look for “Account Options“.
  1. Click on “Close your Account” to delete your PayPal account. (Note: There should be no outstanding balance in your account; else, it won’t allow you to delete it).
  1. If there is some amount in your account, it will prompt you to enter bank details where PayPal can transfer it. But if there is no outstanding amount, there is no such thing.
  1. Lastly, you will get a warning pop-up, “Are you sure you want to close your account” along with a button“, Close Account“.
  1. One who is sure to close their PayPal account permanently must click on “Close Account” to delete it.

What to consider before deleting the PayPal account?

People thinking of deleting their PayPal account must know that if it is deleted once, there is no way to re-open it. Furthermore, deleting an account is not the same as deactivating it; thus, you permanently close it. So, think wisely before opting to delete the account. Below are some fo the things that must be considered before opting to delete:

  • Before deleting, make sure there are no unresolved issues. If your account still has money, withdraw it or transfer it to another PayPal account.
  • The account, once deleted, will not be retrieved, and it deletes everything, including history and transaction information. So, have a screenshot of the information or download the history for future use.
  • There is no way to delete the PayPal account from the mobile app. So, logging in to a computer or laptop is better than deleting the account.
  • If there is any outstanding balance in your account, it is important to resolve it before closing, as it won’t allow you to take action.


Is it possible to delete your PayPal account through the app?

No, it is impossible to delete a PayPal account through the app. So, if you are willing to delete the account, you must log in on the computer, laptop, or mobile browser.

Will it allow you to delete an account if there is money in the account?

If there is any outstanding amount in your account, it is not possible to delete the account. So, make sure to get into your bank account.

Can we create a new PayPal account with the same email address?

Yes, creating a new PayPal account with the email address you used in the prior account is possible. But there won’t be any information about your previous account.

What happens to unpaid money requests if we delete the account?

All unpaid money requests will also be cancelled, but if there is any unresolved issue, you will not be able to delete the account. Instead, connect with the customer support team and resolve all issues.

Can we retrieve or re-open the closed account?

No, there is no option to re-open the deleted PayPal account. Moreover, you will not be able to see the previous transactions conducted in that account. So, be completely sure before deleting the account.


If you have decided to delete the PayPal account, follow the process above to make it possible. PayPal is a secure payment option, and it is preferred for transferring money abroad. But some situations need to get it deleted. So, solve all unresolved issues with your account and clear all to delete the account safely.

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